Auditions: new quiz show

An unnamed new quiz with “big prize money” is looking for contestants.

“Are you an experienced quiz head – the smartest of the smartest? Have you won big on other television quiz shows?” the casting notice asks.

The series is to be produced by ITV Studios Australia (The Chase, Think Tank) for an equally-unnamed network.

Could this be Beat the Chasers for Seven? It is a spin-off of the hit quiz show which aired in the UK in April in which contestants attempt to beat up to five chasers.

Whatever it is you can apply here.


  1. HeyHey_Variety

    I want more game shows on television, but I think people would like if networks reboot traditional game shows, such as Sale of the Century.

  2. Sooo much chase. Funny how viewers prefer watching people being beaten by “the man” instead of quiz/game shows that give everyday people/contestants the chance to win big and change their lives for the better or at least compete against each other so at least someone wins.

    (Also, I know that sometimes *rarely* ppl win on the chase….but $10k seems to be the average. cheap cheap)

    Tragedy has entertained us for centuries.

    • I think it makes a win by the contestants more admirable when the difficulty is high.

      It’s probably better for the casting agency to headhunt past successful game show contestants as what would the odds be that a past game show contestant is randomly looking up new game show castings. I could be wrong though. But they should still be headhunted rather than expected to apply.

      • Yeh – must be easier for casting producers you are right!

        But disagree with making the win more admirable, The Chase is a show that is cheap to make because it pays almost to the contestants (Mostly losers) but a lot to the chasers on retainer. Also I hear all the contestants have to pay own way to appear….which is different to almost all other gameshows sadly. But – entertainment. Love that Issa!!!

          • It is absolutely true, even for interstate contestants. I am from NSW and I gladly paid for travel and accommodation. Just made a holiday and visited Melbourne.

          • 100% true. I appeared on the show about 2 years ago now and had to pay my own way from Brisbane. Fortunately I won $9000 so it made the trip worthwhile. You’ll find that a lot of the contestants are Victorian based.

  3. Channel 7 is making a big mistake making a spin off show. The Chase is on 3 times a day already. A spin off show is just going to make people sick of the Chase and viewers will drop off.

    • No it says it’s a new show. Looks like they’re getting around the lack of British chasers by having repeats Thu and Fri which feature them. I’ve said before though that I think Red Symons would be a good chaser and a big drawcard.

    • Non Australian Citizens/Residents are still able to come into Australia as long as it is for a good reason such as work. They would need to quartine first. Work is a valid reason. This is how actresses Melissa McCartney and Jane Seymour are able to come into Australia.

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