“Big Brother has taken us back to #1”

“Please note that due to unforeseen technical issues experience by Nielsen, figures for Broadcast and BVOD do not include the nights of Tuesday, 22 July and Wednesday, 23 July, the penultimate episode and season final of Big Brother. Seven will provide updated figures when available.” – Seven

How do you crow about your season performance when you don’t have grand final numbers?

That was the dilemma facing Seven today, but they have issued a release which points to the series success across all their various platforms. Doubtless, Seven needed this to work. While new CEO James Warburton had inherited My Kitchen Rules and House Rules, this was a show that begins to mark his stamp on a programming turnaround.

Thankfully, it has paid off (the next test is Farmer Wants a Wife). Big Brother has proven the doubters wrong, at least in terms of numbers.

Seven West Media Managing Director and Chief Executive Officer, James Warburton, said: “The start of our new content led growth strategy with Big Brother has driven huge demographic and BVOD results and taken us back to No.1, not just in total people but in the core demographic of 25-54s. When we get our 7.30pm tent pole strategy competitive, our dominant spine of Sunrise, The Morning Show, The Chase, 7NEWS, Home and Away and the AFL sees us dominate the ratings.”

Angus Ross, Seven’s Network Programming Director, said: “Big Brother is big everywhere. Big ratings, big demos and big BVOD. On all platforms it dominates. Seven straight weeks of broadcast dominance. Number one in every demo – 16-39, 18-49 and 25-54. Big Brother is our biggest streaming show ever and continues to cement 7plus dominance in the streaming space. The game really has changed. And the best part is this is just the beginning of our new content strategy as we continue to work more with great content partners like Endemol Shine.”

• Average year on year timeslot growth of 65% for 25-54s.
• Average year on year timeslot growth of 86% for 16-39s.
• 3.0m 25-54s reached nationally.
• 1.8m 16-39s reached nationally.
• An average of 28% of Big Brother’s audience comes from time shift viewing and on- demand.

• Over 271 million minutes streamed on 7plus.
• The top show on BVOD across its entire run with a series VPM of 170k.
• Launch episode was the biggest live-streamed entertainment show in CFTA BVOD
history with a live VPM of 42.5k This record was surpassed by episode 19 with a live VPM of 46.5k
• Big Brother routinely beat the combined live-streaming audiences of its prime time competition.
• The strength of Big Brother saw 7plus routinely break its viewership records.

• Over 101 million total social media impressions across the series.
• #BBAU or Housemates trended nationally on twitter during every episode.
• 8.3 million social engagements across the series.
• 25.4 million social video views across the series.

• 2.5 million impressions on the Big Brother hub and Big Brother content.
• Over 120 published articles reporting on Big Brother.
• 2.3 million video views of the unofficial digital-only show, The Big Bro Show with Mike

Source: OzTAM, Metro, RegionalTAM (Comb. Agg Markets). Big Brother Eps 1-19 (8/6-20/7/2020). Timeslot growth: average metro audience Big Brother timeslot vs same time last year on 7primary. Reach: Network National Reach Estimate based on Metro + Regional for minimum of 5 consecutive minutes of program viewed (includes Encores, Rpts). % uplift of Time Shift 7Days & On-Demand (7plus) on Overnight audience (Combined: Metro + Regional), Eps 1-15. Data: Cons7 prior L7D, Overnight L7D. OzTAM VPM, Total Streaming Minutes 8th June – 20th July, Live + VOD Big Brother (excludes Eye Spy), 7 DAY VPM.


    • A fair question. The show went to some lengths to have social distancing throughout, for both cast and audience. Unfortunately in the euphoria of a win it all went up in smoke. A bit like that announcement of the World Cup recently.

  1. Ch 7 has dumped AFL. Only showing 3 games and giving Foxtel to show all games. If Ch 7 doesn’t want to show games, give it to another free to air channel.

    • What 7 shows is governed by the broadcast rights deal with the AFL, which provides for a certain number of exclusive Foxtel games each week. Seven is allocated 3-4 games each week depending on the schedule. Next week: four games across Thursday, Friday, Saturday and Sunday.

  2. I was a naysayer, and agree the external production company did a reasonable job of it. It’s more like Love Orland than anything else.

  3. Seven’s higher shares can mostly be attributed to having the afl back the past 6 weeks. Big brother’s total viewership audience has only been slightly higher compared to what house rules was rating in the same timeslot.

  4. craigsydney

    Should they really be crowing about how many Big Brother articles there was on 7NEWS? I thought news was supposed to be for journalism, not advertising. (Yes I know it’s a commercial broadcaster)

    • roaringdave

      All the news sites have TV articles. News consists of news, entertainment, sport and weather. It’s been like that in traditional newspapers since they were invented.

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