Big Brother revives the white room

If you remember Big Brother 2007 (and who does?) it introduced the White Room, a sealed off room of the BB house which was all painted white, save for a lone buzzer in the middle of the room.

Seven’s Big Brother is reviving the concept, but possibly with its own twist.

The original White Room saw 4 “Wild Cards” locked inside, surviving on basics in a psychological endurance test. Various temptations were offered with the last surviving intruder to formally become a housemate. The first housemate cracked at a mere $750 and pressed the buzzer after boredom had set in.

It was later featured in versions from The Philippines, UK and Brazil but varied as a rewards contest or nominations challenge.

Seven isn’t saying how it will play out here, but it looks to appear next week.

Episodes now screen Monday – Wednesday night.

With just two weeks to go, your final six housemates for 2020 are Chad, Daniel, Sophie, Kieran, Sarah and Mat.

Only three will make it to the Live Grand Final. But first they have to survive Big Brother’s most epic twist… welcome to the White Room!


  1. carolemorrissey

    Yes I remember the White Room from before. As soon as they announced it I thought that’s not new it’s been done before & copped a lot of criticism from memory.

  2. And so we’re down to six boring straight white 20-somethings with no personality and no reason for me to care who wins. Seven, you almost had me watch my first ever full season of the show but I’ve checked out now.

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