Big Brother voice revealed?

Spoiler alert?

The voice of Big Brother has been revealed according to the Daily Mail.

Whenever I enquired at Seven as to his identity it was always flatly rejected. Fair enough, the role comes with some mystique.

All Sonia Kruger had ever confirmed was, “He is quite cute… I can tell you that much.”

Previous BB voices were also eventually unmasked including Peter Abbott, Nick Colquhoun and Leon Murray.

Update: Sources telling me the artist revealed by Daily Mail is incorrect. The plot thickens!


  1. Not throwing shade…..but

    Judging by the PR posts about BBAU this season – this website has been paid/”aided” by BB publicity. Lots of non-media released statements and detailed updates. I agree that you need to get information when it’s available….but BBAU/ninja and like all have a decent write up more often.

  2. The voice was too weak to be big Brother and lacked authority both in tone and treating the housemates as mates of Big Brother too. And that is before we get started on him suddenly turning narrator/cheerleader during the challenges

    • From one of the comments below the voice the housemates heard wasn’t this one, so begs the question was he actually narrating live over the challenges etc as it didn’t even seem so in some instances and I presumed that commentary was added in later.
      Strange way to do it by effective I guess for the viewer hearing one single voice.

  3. It begs the question as to who would be the ideal BB voice or voice-over voice. Perhaps Warwick Moss, Pete Smith, Tony Martin, Gretel Killeen or the many radio and television presenters from across Australia, with television voice over artists mainly from the advertising industry. In any case, it’s a surprise to see the people behind the famous voice overs on radio and television look nothing like you thought they would if you didn’t know what they looked like before.

  4. daveinprogress

    I’m confused, i thought the voice of BB was normally an Executive Producer? Chris is listed as a Voice Over Artist. Was he a Producer of the Series too? Btw – he is very cute! Not quite how i imagined the voice – i pictured him blonde!

    • The Things I've Seen.

      Normally it is an EP, and for the housemates it was, but for the audience they basically got a V.O artist to “re-dub” over the E.Ps.

        • I prefer one constant dubbed over voice for the entire show rather than older seasons where there would be 2 very different voices. Very hard to have the one BB/person on hand 24/7. I love the BB voice this year, it’s sort of intriguing.

          • daveinprogress

            Yes i agree with you on this one. It did occur to me mid way through, that BB seemed to be up all hours! There was a 3am chat between him and Dan, and I thought, surely the Executive Producer was not working at that ungodly hour! I liked his voice too, but in a way, I’d rather not know that the show and audio was so overproduced. I know, it said spoiler ahead! Despite having worked in the industry in the past, I prefer not knowing how the ‘sausage’ is actually made.

          • I agree added to the format of one overall power controlling their lives. I actually thought at the start it sounded digitally created and all the different producers were speaking through a voice changer to get that same synthesised sounding voice, haha actually would have been easier to redub it then as they did. Quite effective.

    • thedirtydigger

      First up I haven’t watched a single episode of BB but have seems bits and pieces …my take was I thought the BB voice should be powerful and commanding even slightly sinister …but the VO I heard was anything but ..

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