Callum misses MasterChef semi-final

MasterChef favourite Callum Hann has been eliminated from the series, just shy of the 2020 semi-final.

Battling Reynold & Laura last night, he cooked up snapper but the judges decided it had a mushy texture.

It was another emotional farewell for the South Australian who was runner-up in 2010 and previously won an All-Stars edition in 2012. Melissa Leong said his name was synonymous with the Masterchef kitchen, paying tribute to his talent and humility.

“I’ve loved coming back,” Callum said. “I’ve loved every part of spending time with these guys, I’ve loved getting to meet and know all three of you (judges) a little bit better and (to) be part of something really special.

“I would have loved to have gone a little bit further, but even without taking away the trophy, I still feel like I’ve come a long way. I feel like I’ve learned a lot and I’m definitely taking that back to Adelaide with me. I just want to say a big thank-you to you guys.”

On Sunday, Reynold Poernomo, Emelia Jackson and Laura Sharrad will battle for the Top 2 places up for grabs in the grand final, set for Monday.

7:30pm Sunday on 10.


  1. I’m an admin of an MCA fb group with 11.5k members… Mellisa is incredibly popular in our group. Some were fans of hers from the Chef’s Line. She’s so popular that some of our members set up an fb group dedicated just to Mellisa. Jock and Andy are also well liked too.

  2. I felt Callum should have won round 1. A few times he was runner up to Reynold because Reynold bought out the flashy stuff.

    If he hadn’t overcooked his fish he would have won.

    But I did feel there were double standards. Sunday night Reece was accused of being to safe and simple with beetroot and goats cheese, but Laura got praised for her strawberry and cream dish.

  3. Every flippin’ elimination has been a tear jerker because the last few contestants to go were all worthy winners.
    But on the subject of crying, Melissa Leong and Brickman (from Lego Masters) have become the most adorable TV judges ever coz neither of them can keep it together during eliminations. Imagine them doing a show together – they’d need counselling after every episode!

  4. I thought the judges should have tried Callum’s dish first then had Laura’s dessert even though it was pretty obvious who was going to win it. I think Emilia will beat Reynold in the final.

  5. Another brilliantly edited episode. It really is one of the best competition style shows in the world. Callum summed it up well. Well done Callum & MasterChef.

  6. Callum was my favourite, but sadly not the judges….it was obvious when he placed his dish on the table…you only had to look at Jock’s face…his favourite Laura was going through. Fingers crossed Reynold wins.

  7. carolemorrissey

    Why do they ignore that Callum has already won the all stars back in 2012? Even Callum talks as though he has never won. Do they think we are stupid & have forgotten?

    • Yes they do think we are stupid and have forgotten. The same way Melissa thinks we are stupid and believe that she is truly getting emotional when in reality she looks like she’s straining a muscle trying to squeeze out a tear.

      • Interesting how people see the same thing differently. I’ve always believed Melissa to be entirely genuine with her emotions. She wears her heart on her sleeve and she really does ride the roller coaster with events as they unfold. It also makes for great TV.

        • It is very interesting how people see things differently. I belong to a facebook group where we watch live and comment throughout the episode. Not one Melissa fan amongst us. A mixed bag in relation to Andy but mainly negative. Everyone loves Jock. The contestant favourites for us are Reynold and Laura.

    • To be fair 2012 All Stars was really a cut down version on the real MasterChef so I don’t think it is in the same league as the full competition.

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