Chad wins Big Brother 2020

Model Chad Hurst has won Big Brother 2020 and the $234,656 prize.

The 27-year-old from Sydney’s western suburbs defeated Sophie Budack and Daniel Gorringe for the title.

The win caps off a personal victory for Chad whose father Neil, passing away from cancer three years ago, was a fan of previous Big Brother seasons.

“F***!” he declared at the news.

“Boys start booking flights, we’re going on a trip! And looking after Ma, is all that matters to me.”

He attributed his success in the game to playing by heart, playing with integrity and not letting anything interfere with his morals.

“I stayed true to myself and to my family,” he said. “I also won the most challenges which helped.”

Sonia Kruger hosted a Live to air grand final with reunited housemates at Eveleigh studios, drawing over 700,000 public votes.

The finale wraps up a successful season for Seven, despite some early concerns around a pre-recorded format, proving particularly strong in the 16-39 demos.

Seven has already announced auditions for a 2021 season.


  1. What a predictable and boring end with a predictable and boring top three. The show started totally different from previous incarnations and I loved it but by the time they got to the top six, it was obvious how it was going to play out. Still, kudos to Endemol and 7 for revamping a tired franchise.

    • i am thanking myself for not watching it lol, when i caught a few earlier episodes they showed alot of promise that it really was a different show as promised, but somehow i just knew that a good looking white person would win….

    • Not just good looking, also very down to Earth, and a really nice guy with decent morals, who loves his mum to bits and treats her like a Queen. A very worthy winner.

    • Haha, I know right.

      “He attributed his success in the game to playing by heart, playing with integrity and not letting anything interfere with his morals.” Are you sure that’s all that contributed to your success…?

  2. Andrew Mercado

    Throughout the entire series, narcissistic alpha males Matt and Dan assumed that Australia would love them. Even last night, Matt was still hoping the “footyhead blokes” would vote for Dan to win. LOL. Well done Chad (and Sophie too who I reckon came second)

    • “footyhead blokes” don’t watch Big Brother and in particular don’t vote on-line.

      I though Sophie would have won on the back of dislike for Dan. Chad was a surprise win for me but that’s OK as he was in there for the duration and didn’t go round being nasty or deceitful as far as I saw.

    • carolemorrissey

      Yes, I found it humourous that pretty much every contestant on elimination in interviews & while in the house seemed under the illusion that Australia loved Dan & Matt. No, we didn’t.

    • I didn’t watch the series, so you may be 100% correct… But when Dan made those ads for Foxtel leading up to the 2019 AFL Draft, he seemed the exact opposite of narcissistic. It was very self-deprecating and he was basically putting himself down in a joking fashion.

  3. So happy that Chad won. He is a lovely guy and played the game with integrity. Really enjoyed the whole show, and Sonia seemed so comfortable last night, she did a good job.

  4. Most boring 80 minutes of television last night! There was no need to show long clips of each contestant in the house – we all watched the show!!!!! I agree it definitely looked pre recorded.
    Final week was just dull and boring. Show ruined by ridiculous nomination format where the physically strong always had the advantage. Same contestants winning challenges meant Many contestants never got to nomiate anyone.
    Hope they change nominations next year to challenge winner nominating one person and housemates voting others secretly

    • roaringdave

      “Same contestants winning”? 13 of the 20 housemates won a challenge and got to nominate. The format won’t change and I’m happy with that.

      • If the next season is exactly the same as this one I can’t see it being around much longer than Nine’s version was. There is much that can be improved upon for next season.

  5. carolemorrissey

    I was hoping Sophie would win but was just glad Dan didn’t. Chad swearing was a classic and yes they all forgot social distancing at the end when they all started hugging.

  6. Nothing like dropping an f bomb on live TV (which will probably be edited out of SA/WA broadcast). Previous series had a delay for profanities, guess those days are gone.

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