Comedy Channel shuffles to FOX Comedy

Comedy Channel to be removed but most content moves to other channels; new movies channel plus weather app to go.

Foxtel is making several changes to its channels from September 1.

Comedy Channel  / FOX H!TS / FOX Comedy

The  Comedy channel will be removed but with most content moving to other channels.

FOX H!TS will be rebranded as FOX Comedy on Ch 119., with the Comedy Channel’s “c-fer” logo.

“Foxtel routinely evaluates its channel line up to ensure our content strategy and programming best reflects our customers viewing preferences and habits,” Foxtel said in a statement,

“There has been strong viewer identification with those channels and our viewing data indicates these are increasingly the go-to destination for specific genres and styles. This will see the following moves: Last Week Tonight with John Oliver (to FOX8), Tosh.0 (to FOX8), South Park (to FOX8) Curb Your Enthusiasm (to FOX Showcase), Silicon Valley (to FOX Showcase), Broad City (to FOX Showcase) and Saturday Night Live (to FOX8).”

Disappearing are The Daily Show, The President Show and Wrecked.

Comedy content can be found at FOX Comedy, FOX Funny, FOX8 or FOX Showcase.

Available across the channels and On Demand are Friends, Seinfeld, The Big Bang Theory, Modern Family, The Office, Two and a Half Men, 30 Rock, Everybody Loves Raymond, The Nanny and Parks and Recreation.

Lifetime Movie Network

Meanwhile a new movie channel called LMN – Lifetime Movie Network –  will also launch, available in the Movies pack. LMN will showcase movies that are inspired by, fuelled by and created by women. This will include mysteries, thrillers, romance, heroes and heroines.

SKY News Weather Active app

Elsewhere the SKY News Weather Active app will be removed from all boxes.

SKY News said in a statement, “We are always looking for the most relevant ways to engage viewers, with current viewing trends indicating fewer people are using the SKY News Weather Active (Press Red) service on the Foxtel remote. As a result we will be increasing our local weather updates to appear every three minutes as part of the SKY News Weather broadcast and will introduce a new 24-hour on-screen ticker. In addition, viewers can access their live local weather updates via skyweather.com.au simply by entering their postcode.

“We believe these updates continue to provide Foxtel subscribers with comprehensive local weather updates while reflecting the new ways in which subscribers are now accessing their weather information.”

More info is available here.

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  1. Hi David.
    Just wondering I don’t see & know what’s the “c-fer” logo.??
    And do you know what’s happening with It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia, Jimmy Kimmel Live, Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon, Entourage and the Stand Up Comedies.??
    Do you know what Channels they’re going to, cheers many many thanks. Would be very much appreciated David..!

    1. I remember reading here that the Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon used to be on E! but then they dropped the show. I don’t think it ever re-appeared anywhere else.

  2. Oh, I liked the weather active local thing. It was just me using it then? Ha.

    They are stripping so much out and replacing it with endless channels of repeats, not that Foxtel isn’t a series of endless channels of repeats at the best of times – but oddly, not when you really need a repeat!

  3. After the launch of Fox Hits and Fox Funny, Comedy Channel became a shell of what it was so I figured something had to give sooner or later. But what doesn’t make sense to me is if none of Comedy’s content is going to Fox Hits why rebrand it as Fox Comedy – it makes more sense to rebrand Fox Funny as Fox Comedy given it’s getting half the content.

    1. Full Foxtel Owned Channels: Lifestyle, Lifestyle Food, Lifestyle Home, & Box Sets.
      International brand licence but Channel owned by Foxtel: A&E (100%), History (100%), Crime + Investigation (100%), Nickelodeon (Foxtel 35%/Viacom-CBS 65%), Nick Jr (Foxtel 35%/Viacom-CBS 65%) and Main Event (Foxtel 66.6%/Optus 33.4%).

  4. The ‘Comedy’ in The a Comedy Channel dried up years ago, don’t recall the last time I watched it. The content is better suited to the channels they are moving too. Fox8 has been desperate for content due to coronavirus, so anything additional for them is a win to lessen the repeats of Border Security and Highway Patrol.

  5. I’m surprised Foxtel haven’t added Comedy Central which is on Fetch. Seems like such a big channel for a small Pay tv provider. Do you know at all David?

  6. Disappointed that Foxtel didn’t take the opportunity to do the new Fox Comedy in HD. It’s 2020. It’s really quite pathetic that all Foxtel channels aren’t in HD at least by now.

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