Dannii avoids hotel lockdown

Masked Singer judge Dannii Minogue has avoided hotel lockdown, but is self-isolating for 14 days in a Gold Coast residence, after returning from the US.

7NEWS reported the Queensland government granted her and her son an exemption on the grounds of a medical certificate provided by her doctor.

Minogue, a Virgin Australia ambassador, returned home on the weekend, and avoids a hotel lockdown and the accompanying $2800 bill.

No one is allowed to come and go from the undisclosed property, and she has agreed to be tested multiple times. The Queensland government said they could not comment on individual cases.

There is no suggestion Minogue has breached any COVID-19 restrictions.

In April Seven Chairman Kerry Stokes and his wife were given an exemption from mandatory hotel quarantine rules on medical grounds.

Updated: Filming for The Masked Singer is confirmed to take place in Melbourne.


  1. tolliver333

    Oh I love this side of Australia lets bag a celebrity … lets bag a celebrity just because they have money and now don’t have to Quarantine.. If she or her son has a legit medical reason not to Quarantine I have no issue. There are legislation for each returning traveller that can look up to see if they are eligible to be exempted.

      • i wouldn’t doubt that, my comment was supposed to be a response to ekane below. Dannii migjht be responsible, but to apply this policy to the entertainment industry in general seems dangerous to me.

    • “celebrities are all well behaved and would never do anything that would generate a headline”

      … glowing examples being J Depp and A Heard with their two cute little dogs.

      I saw a media conference today in which Qld’s Premier was asked about Dannii. She said that similar arrangements have been made for 35 (I think it was) others. But the list of those others seemed to be in medical and related support roles, not so much the entertainment industry. And I just saw mintues ago a replay of Qld’s Chief Health Officer shrug it off as being okay because it wasn’t going to cost the Qld govt anything. To me, it still reeked of special treatment.

  2. I hope she has enough food and whatever else for 14 days if no one can go there.
    I think it’s fine if they isolate in there home for 14 days. People would know if they go out and about.
    Also filming will be in Melbourne. Really? Still going to be there after all the virus numbers?

  3. This doesn’t seem right to me. Everyone else by law in Queensland has to be in hotel quarantine for 2 weeks at your own expense if returning from overseas travel (especially from the U.S.) Don’t think fame or influence of one’s own doctor should come into it.

    • true, but you know what, it’s about risk. I reckon authorities trust the fact that a high profile celebrity wouldn’t risk breaching the rules as they would be found out a lot easier than a nobody profile.

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