David Anderson flags ‘personalised ABC’ from sign-in accounts

ABC is looking to have more Australians access their content with a single sign-in across TV, radio and online to deliver personalised content and recommendations.

An ABC account is an optional sign-in system for ABC websites and ABC apps such as iview, which allows users to create and manage an iview watchlist.

Speaking at the National Press Club yesterday, managing director David Anderson said, “Australians want to connect with the ABC across many platforms; not just radio and television, but increasingly, through digital platforms including live blogs, mobile alerts, streaming and social media.

“With their consent, we will be able to learn more about audience preferences and offer more-targeted services, including news alerts and analysis, and content recommendations.

“Of course, we will always keep the element of the unexpected, introducing our audiences to new Australian works, taking them by surprise, making them laugh and occasionally challenged.

“Our audience will be able to sign into one ABC account that works across all platforms, with the flexibility to move seamlessly between different devices. ABC iview will become the leading showcase for Australian content and culture.

“Our ultimate aim is continuing to nurture our relationship with our audience providing them with content and services relevant to different ages and stages of life. Part of this project is making sure that everyone knows what we have to offer and where to find us.”

He rejected the idea of a separate subscription service of content as a revenue raising platform, noting Australians had already paid for ABC content, and instead preferring promotional opportunities.

“They might be looking for Killing Eve on iview, but once an audience member comes to us, we want to be able to show them what else the ABC offers. You could argue the same for Science. If someone came into ABC News online for Science, then we’re able to show them what else we have with regard to Catalyst or the RN Science show,” he said.

“So that’s our approach at the moment rather than launch a separate subscription service.”


  1. Who shall I be for this Internet site? A barmaid, coal miner, office worker, Thomas the Tank Engine, or Bargain Hunter? Decisions, decisions. Pretending to be a twenty-something in your 60’s can get amusing results. It must be time to re-boot the Modem and get a new IP Address.

  2. It’s voluntary. But if you sign up, instead of getting hit with random ads for ABC content and merchandise when you finish watching something on iView, you will get targeted ads for ABC content and merchandise.

    As for intelligent that’s another thing. SBS keeps bombarding me with ads for Cardinal while I’m watching Bosch. So yes they can figure out the link between viewers of the two shows, but apparently not that my account finished watching Cardinal, then started on Bosch.

  3. ABC types are not the kind of people who want to be marketed to or curated to. They just want to be able to view and listen to whatever they want whenever they want. The ABC could save alot of money by axing the corporate spin and marketing/promotions departments.
    And when o when is ABC Iview finally going to go.HD? Sadly for my HD fix of some ABC programming I have to view elsewhere, notably on overseas streaming services.

  4. … does David not understand that this plays directly into the hands of those who want the ABC to disappear? … the Charter says it is “to provide within Australia innovative and comprehensive broadcasting services”, but this is almost targeted “narrowcast” …

  5. Maev....Sydney

    I am an adult and an old one at that….I don’t need to be spoon fed and led around by the hand….I make my choices….I am quite capable of doing a search….I find this approach a little insulting.
    I have not watched Catalyst….since they destroyed the old format and presenters….this is still a thorn in my side 😡

    • Insulted that they want to offer those that want to use it the ability to sign in and have a profile that saves details. It’s optional and you don’t need to use it. I look forward to it for the few shows i watch on the ABC.

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