“Everyone tells me they hate MAFS and then everyone watches it”

Amanda Keller is yet to learn if Dancing with the Stars will return to 10 in 2021.

But she remains optimistic, and hopes it doesn’t go up against Married at First Sight again.

For two years running the dance show has been pummelled in the ratings by Nine’s MAFS juggernaut. While DWTS has drawn high praise for its Live production values, it hasn’t quite achieved the ratings some observers feel it deserves.

DWTS is yet to enjoy a smooth season run. The first season saw Grant Denyer plagued by back injuries, while the second season had to radically change when COVID-19 restrictions began.

“I haven’t heard anything but I really hope we go again. The schedules, obviously, for so many shows are out of whack,” Keller tells TV Tonight.

“It was such a surreal thing to be hosting the show that involved all that togetherness during a pandemic. It was bizarre. We went from one week without an audience, next week, everyone for the (dance) couples weren’t allowed to be physical with each other. Then we weren’t allowed to hand anyone a microphone.

“I was really proud of Warners and Channel 10 that we kept going.”

“When Richard Wilkins tested positive that sent a scare through us all with his son Christian being there and then we had to stop when the Prime Minister was making an address to the nation. It was an extraordinary time to be making a Live television show.”

But COVID-19 may be the least of the show’s headaches.

If it returns in 2021 will programmers schedule it against Nine’s juggernaut again?

“It’s hard because every year we’re up against Married at First Sight,” she continues.

“I don’t even know whether the juggernaut that is the new MasterChef could do so well up against something like Married at First Sight. Every year everyone tells me they hate it and then everyone watches it.

“I don’t know what to make of it!”


  1. ten can’t air a test pattern just because 9 have MAFS on. looking at 10’s cupboard, shows like I’m a Celebrity and The Bachelor would probably be affected even more by competition from MAFS. DWTS should be the most resilient, i would think they are completely different target audiences.

    DWTS just isn’t as popular as it used to be. not enough time passed between the 7 generation and the 10 generation for viewers to miss it, the ratings decline of 10’s version just continued from where it left off on 7’s version.

  2. Agree with Amanda, not sure why everyone watches MAFS and I hate it too. Would match rather watch DWTS and feel that this season was there best yet even with all the restrictions etc

  3. TENs production of DWTS is very good, but I fear we won’t see it back anytime soon, mainly because of Covid. And I agree with Amanda, don’t put it up against MAFS.

    • Yes and not only because of social distancing and the inability to have an audience. It’s very unlikely Craig Revel Horwood would be able to take part due to travel restrictions and he really makes the show. Combining all this with modest ratings at best and tighter budgets going forward, I don’t think it’ll be back.

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