For sale: Golden Girls house

The US house seen in the opening titles of The Golden Girls is up for sale.

The mid-century modern, built in 1955, is a 4-bedroom home in the Brentwood area of Los Angeles. While the exterior was chosen for its lush green to resemble Miami, it was used in the first season as the home of Blanche, Dorothy, Rose and Sophia. The actual interior was never shown.

After the first season, an exact replica of the home was built by Disney’s Hollywood Studios for shoots. It was an attraction on backlot tours for years, but was demolished in 2003.

The property is on the US market for $3m (A$4.27m) if you have any loose change down the back of your floral couch.

You can check out a gallery of the house here.


  1. I wonder if HGTV has contacted Betty White to see if she’s up for a Golden Girl Renovation series? It would be quite something to see Ms. White swing a sledge hammer at the age of 98 in order to recreate the set in all its 1980s glory within the walls of this house.

  2. daveinprogress

    Rose: “Girls, girls – they’re selling our house”

    Blanche: “When i think of all the gentlemen callers i’ve had here”

    Dorothy: “I’ll need antibiotics once she runs through the list”

    Sofia: “Better get the revolving door to her bedroom fixed”

    Loved The Golden Girls – it was the show that motivated me to work in comedy. And i was blessed to at the ABC.

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