Friday Flashback: Christmas blooper tape

1980s comedy may offend.

TV network Christmas parties are famous for their blooper reels, which can consist of all kinds of on air stuff-ups, but are also the work of crews gently ribbing the talent and mocking their own shows.

But as we look back on some we can see what was passed off as boys’ humour would now be a very big no-no.

These days Legal and HR departments usually check any kind of reels before consumption.

Do not attempt at home… or at the staff Christmas party.


  1. David, your description sums this tape up perfectly! It is most definitely of its time. Nevertheless, a few guilty laughs in there for sure. It also reminded me of when a traditional TV station had extensive prop making and other in-house studio facilities. Not many of the first generation of the big TV studios left now, with TCN-9 about to decamp from Willoughby to set up shop in an office block.

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