Hard Quiz format sells to Netherlands

Hard Quiz is off to The Netherlands with is first overseas format to premiere this Saturday on public broadcaster BNNVARA’s NPO 1.

Produced by Dutch production company, SkyHighTV, Hard Spel translates as Hard Play.

Hosted by Richard Groenendijk, this Dutch language version will follow the same format as Australia’s Hard Quiz.

Aussie host Tom Gleeson, said: “We’ve sold Hard Quiz to the country that gave us Big Brother and The Voice.”

Hard Quiz is produced by Thinkative Television for the Australian Broadcasting Corporation. Format sales were handled by Hat Trick International for Guesswork Distribution.


  1. I would that that Richard Groenendijk would be someone who appeals to people of the Netherlands and the format of the show would be done to appeal to them and the level of abruptness they would accept. A bit like going back how in the UK Anne Robinson hosted The Weakest Link in a more hardline fashion than the wry smile that Cornelia Frances adopted when she hosted the Australian version.

  2. carolemorrissey

    Do they have their version of Tom Gleeson? He is one of a kind. Surely there’s not another one out there? Don’t think the world could cope with 2 of him.

  3. TasTVcameraman

    I have to agree with out Tom it will be a poor imitation of Hard Quiz. One of the best shows on FTA TV. Still not as good as Pointless in my opinion but much longer lasting. Maybe ABC could do Pointless.

  4. timmydownawell

    I hope their host is a cheeky enough bugger to carry it off otherwise it’ll flop. I’m not really sure this format can work anywhere else tbh.

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