Hot Seat yet to resume production

Some readers have been querying plans for Hot Seat, which has currently paused.

A Nine spokesperson told TV Tonight, Hot Seat hopes to start shooting new episodes again soon, although it isn’t clear what form it would take around social distancing.

Alas Hot Seat isn’t yet one of the 4 reasons Melburnians can leave their home, so a studio audience would doubtless be out, but the show could feasibly shoot without one.

The “Ask A Friend” lifeline, where a contestant can draw on support from a pal in the studio, may need to revert to the original Phone-A-Friend (Zoom-A-Friend perhaps?).

Nine is currently airing a mix of new and repeat episodes.


  1. In some overseas versions the contestants “special people” are in the audience but nobody else. In that case the lifeline wouldn’t have to change.

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