“Idol had people that didn’t go on to do well too.”

If the pressure was on Chris Sebastian to stand in his own right out of the shadow of his famous brother to win The Voice, now it’s on to succeed beyond the finale with a music career.

Sebastian is now signed to EMI but he is more than aware the show spits out winners who are quickly overlooked after the glow of the TV spotlight fades.

“I’d be lying if I said I didn’t know that was a track record,” he told TV Tonight. “But honestly, I don’t think that’s reflective of the show. I think that’s an individual (thing). Idol had people that didn’t go on to do really well after that too.

“I think it’s a combination of individual and probably societal factors. The only thing that I can control is what I do post show: release a lot of music, put on a good show and just keep a level head. That’s all I can really be in control of.”

Sebastian was watching the final with close family, and had no idea of the outcome until it was screened to the rest of the country.

“I watched it with my family at Guy’s house last night. I found out at the same time as everyone else, which is mind blowing,” he continued.

“I had zero idea. It was recorded a couple of days ago. We recorded four alternate endings. So whoever got the highest amount of votes, there was three minutes for the network to play that one.

“I was absolutely shocked.”

Brother Guy, who coached Johnny Manuel, must have had conflicted feelings over the win?

“He loves a win, and rightfully so. Johnny’s incredible and he was just as big a threat as anyone. So he was obviously bummed to lose but super-happy for me.”

If he was nervous of anybody it was Siala Robson.

“I could be cliche and say all three, which is the absolute truth, because I think they all are incredible. If I have to pick one, I’m going to say Siala. I think she’s, she’s the youngest in the group of four and she’s got quite a fresh, young following and they’ve been quite a big voting demographic. I thought she might clinch it.”

As of this afternoon he still has no idea of the remaining 3 placements for Johnny Manuel, Siala Robson and Stellar Perry.

“I don’t. I really want to know, but I haven’t been told yet. I’m in the dark, too.”

In press interviews today, Sebastian has faced questions from journalists around whether there was any favouritism in his win. Last night social media was trending with #rigged.

“There’s the ‘rigged conspiracy’ theory, which is obviously completely false. The show goes through a third party voting system. It’s got nothing to do with Channel Nine or ITV the production company,” he insisted.

“I’ve heard the rumour that it’s rigged. I don’t want to spend my day trying to debunk theories. Obviously, it’s not. So I’m just grateful that enough people voted for me to end up winning the thing. I’m incredibly happy.

“Honestly, I don’t think I’m having to deal with it. I am not looking at comments. I honestly don’t see this. I think people will be over it in a few days and it will just be about the music. If I’m not able to be around for a musical future that’s on me. Not on anything else.”

Already represented by manager Vangie, tomorrow he steps into the studio to begin work on his new album, describing his influences as Lewis Capaldi, Ed Sheeran, Bruno Mars and Chris Brown.

“Normally, I like doing ballads, but I’ve actually really been enjoying doing something that makes people sort of get up a little bit more. This new single Bed for 2 that I’ve got is a bit of a bop. I’m definitely gonna have a couple more of those on the record.

“I wanted to give people a glimpse of what it would actually be like coming to a show of mine or listening to my music.”

‘Bed For 2’, is available to stream now, and a ‘Complete Collection’, including the single and featuring songs performed throughout his journey on the show, is available now through EMI Music Australia here. For a limited time, fans can also pre-order a signed CD of the ‘Complete Collection’.


  1. “Idol had people that didn’t go on to do well too.” – the flipside to this is Idol had people that did well…the fact remains that there has been no breakout star of any seasons of The Voice Australia. However, if anyone was going to break this trend, it should be him

    • Even Australia’s Got Talent and X Factor has had people go on to do really well and are still relevant today. The Voice just doesn’t seem to be able to manage it. Even Big Brother has a better winner to star power record.

  2. Look i know the producers used their discretion to waive whatever clause it was for him to compete but the whole result is just odd. Good on him for winning though. I have no hate with Chris just this whole result of last night was strange. Next season i hope All Stars do not appear. Go back to how it was season one. Then we wouldn’t be in this mess. I wish all the final four contestants well on their next chapter and who knows Chris may do alright and buck The Voice trend.

  3. Full disclosure that I don’t watch the show, so it may have been explained away on screen. But, from a distance I’m perplexed that a close family member of one of the judges would have been permitted to enter the competition in the first place. Not good optics when a coaches brother wins.

      • CriticalVoice

        As previously stated, The Voice has always been more about the judges and less about the poor contestants. It was definitely more about Guy this season. At least Boy George has set plans for his contestant to join him for gigs. How commentators have reported the show was conducted in front of a live Zoom crowd must have been on a different planet to I. All I saw was looped visions all round. We laughed every time that lady dressed in Kelly’s dress looped with staccato and that little boy in red stole the entire show for me, upstaging everyone by doing the same funny actions every episode bar a few at the end when someone must have noticed and pulled him only to have some wag bring him back for the grand final! And yes, he was doing the same thing in loop. It sealed the network’s cringey effort all round as reflected by the grand final show’s very poor ratings. The little zoom boy in…

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