In the absence of Overnight ratings…

Here’s how the industry execs get a sneak peek on TV ratings…

With a second day of no Overnight ratings due to a suspected cyber-attack, here’s a glimpse of anecdotal viewing trends according to Fetch.

The Fetch app offers “Live” viewing results based on the internal data from their own subscribers. So the panel isn’t as big as the OzTAM panel service -and I stress nor as accurate, so take it with a grain of salt…

But I was at a launch once when a TV exec excused himself to get a glimpse of how his shows were trending. Sometimes they hope it’s right, and sometimes not.

Given we have no numbers again this morning, it’s a bit of fun of how shows were trending with Fetch TV viewers on the East Coast (where timezone is the same) last night.

There’s no detail on when we get official numbers as yet.

OzTAM statement Thursday:

“We’re sorry to inform you that delivery of TV ratings data remains unavailable.  Nielsen has confirmed that all households are still collecting viewing data and that referencing sites have not been impacted.  

“Nielsen’s global and local infrastructure teams are currently working to resolve the issue as fast as possible and are keeping us informed. “


  1. The internal dashboards that networks use are pretty cool. You can tell when there is a commercial break and see when people are nodding off later in the night or getting bored with the content. Alas they will need the OzTAM data for that.

  2. It is difficult to have full confidence in the accuracy of the oztam ratings system, particularly when the sample size is only approx 5,000 homes and the sample chosen is not changed on a regular basis if ever?

        • Roccosmodernishlife

          We have seen advances though. OzTAM nearly doubled the amount of boxes in metro markets just a couple of years ago. Stratified sampling is a very reliable way testing the opinion of the masses and as David said Australia has one of the best per capita sample sizes in the world.

    • Newspoll, Ipos, ReachTEL, Morgan, Essential, Galaxy, all have a sample size of 1,500 to 3,500 people. Their results at the last election were very close to each other. A sample size of 1000 will give you a confidence interval of +/-3% 19 times out of 20 (95%).

  3. John Jackson

    I have a fetch box but I still do a lot of my free to air viewing just on the TV itself and not through the fetch box. Reason being is watching just through the TV gives me a better pictures whilst fetch gives things a greenish/orange tint.

  4. I start streaming content via another device immediately after the news is finished. The Fetch box is left on so does that mean I’ve contributed to the Fetch ratings of ever channel Nine show if I don’t place it in standby?

  5. and I just cancelled my Fetch box last month! I don’t understand the TV ratings system. I know they choose a small group of “random” people and monitor their viewing. Somehow this equates to massive decisions on whether TV viewing is popular or not. I would rather have a more accurate system where everyones watching choices are logged electronically, you can vote with your viewing choice.
    But, again, I guess I’m in the minority.

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