Julia Zemiro vs Sunrise

Updated: ABC presenter draws a line in the sand on commercial Breakfast TV.

Julia Zemiro took to social media yesterday to draw a line in the sand on commercial breakfast shows which feature Pauline Hanson.

Her comments followed controversial comments by Hanson around communities in Melbourne lockdown.

On Twitter she said, “I have long said no to going on @sunriseon7 to promote anything because they continue to invite Hanson on regularly. @TheTodayShow has been added to the list.”

She also wrote on Today:

But Sunrise Executive Producer Michael Pell objected to her claim.

But at least there were at least two morning shows she remains happy to chat to including Studio 10 (May 2020) and News Breakfast.


Zemiro did get a host name wrong but has not said she would ban Seven appearances. My understanding is both the network and host had a very good relationship for All Together Now.

Her comments were around Sunrise and Today.

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    1. She’s not entitled to breach ACMA rules. Prue MacSween found out the hard way having an opinion is not a free pass to say whatever you like without consequences. Broadcasting has rules. Being invited to speak is a privilege.

  1. Always loved Julia and it wasn’t that long ago Seven loved her, too. They had signalled their intention to use her more extensively after she impressively MC’d their Allfronts event a couple of years ago. I admire her for taking a stand but it isn’t good for anyone if we see less of her on our screens because she upset a potential employer.

  2. The whole point of these panels is to get different views, which Pauline offered. I would also contend that just because she says things that some people in the Twittersphere don’t like, doesn’t mean they aren’t valid or shared by others. A look at Today’s Facebook page shows how many people agreed with Pauline.

    Im not endorsing or agreeing with her. Just playind devils advocate.

    1. There is a difference between ‘different views’ and giving a media platform to a racist, hateful person. We should be finding that kind of talk unacceptable and refusing it air-time, not making it just another point of discussion. How do you stamp out racism if you continue to allow it on mainstream media?

  3. I know people are hating on sunrise and today for promoting Hanson….. but in fairness she is an elected senator…. shouldn’t everyone be hating on the Australian people that voted her in…. that’s the bigger travesty. Hanson shouldn’t be in the position that she is in. If she is saying stuff like this in public interviews I can only imagine what is said behind closed doors.
    Always was… Always will be…. a racist

    1. I take your point, but where is the elected Green’s Senator regularly on these shows? The Greens have more Members of Parliament than One Nation, but woefully underrepresented in the media because they won’t say anything headline grabbing. So we get Kennet and Latham, Joyce and Fitzgibbon etc. The balance is clearly skewed to someone who will say something incendiary.

      1. I can’t stand the green socialists, however I do agree that they should be represented on these panels, if only to have their viewpoints ridiculed. As for PH, it should be intermittent as she seems to say the worst possible things at the most inappropriate moments

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