Kennedy Awards 2020: nominees

Tracy Grimshaw, Michael Usher, Nick McKenzie, Ashlee Mullany & Adam Harvey are amongst finalists in the Kennedy Awards 2020.

The NSW journalism awards has delayed a planned August presentation and plans to announce winners in Spring.

Kennedy Foundation chairman and judge Rocco Fazzari said, “In a massive news year, the standard of submissions is exceptional in every category.

“In some categories it took judges days to finally sort out finalists from big fields, some of which had near-record entries. From investigative journalism to news breaking, superb feature writing, incredible pictorial entries and wonderful artwork, a class field has emerged to contest the coveted Spirax trophies.”

TV and related nominees:

Les Kennedy Award for Outstanding Crime Reporting
Simon Bouda (A Current Affair); Australian Story: An Innocent Abroad (ABC); Michael Usher and team: Framed, the story of Scott Austic (7 News)

Paul Lockyer Award for Outstanding Regional Broadcast Reporting
Prime 7 Local News – Coast Team; Jane Goldsmith (NBN News); ABC Background Briefing/Landline

Outstanding Online Video
Let Her Speak: Nina Funnell, Lori Youmshajekian;( Paul Walker: CBD Stabber (7News);
Tom Compagnoni: The Forgotten Sydney of AC/DC (Sydney Morning Herald)

Peter Frilingos Award for Outstanding Sports Reporting
Julian Linden: Chinese swimmer (Sunday Telegraph); Neil Breen: Josh Reynolds (9 News); Steve Cannane and Kyle Taylor: Bet 365 scandal (ABC)

2020 Young Journalist of the Year
Lauren Golman (A Current Affair); Zoe Samios (Sydney Morning Herald); Joshua Hanrahan (Daily Mail Australia)

John Newfong Award for Outstanding Indigenous Affairs Reporting
Michaela Whitbourn (Sydney Morning Herald); Living Black NITV; Australian Story, Making His Mark

Gary Ticehurst Award for Outstanding TV News Camera Coverage
Tim Myer (7 News); Cam Wallis (7 News); Paul Walker (7 News)

Harry Potter Award for Outstanding Television News Reporting
Chris O’Keefe (9News); Kieran Gilbert, Andrew Clennell (Sky News); Tegan George (10 News First)

Outstanding Television Current Affairs Reporting
Mark Willacy: The Killing Field (Four Corners); Nick McKenzie, Grace Tobin, Nick Toscano: Crown Unmasked (60 Minutes); Tara Brown, Naomi Shivaraman (60 Minutes)

Mike Willesee Award for Outstanding Nightly TV Current Affairs Reporting
Tracy Grimshaw (A Current Affair); Paul Farrell, Alex McDonald (7.30 ABC); Dimity Clancey, Laura Mangham: Silent Killer (A Current Affair)

Outstanding Finance Reporting
Adele Ferguson (Sydney Morning Herald); Nick McKenzie, Grace Tobin, Nick Toscano (60 Minutes and Fairfax/Nine); Aaron Patrick: Westpac Compliance Series (Australian Financial Review)

Outstanding Consumer Affairs Reporting
Amy Bainbridge, Lucy Kent, Loretta Florance: Bankruptcy Hunters (7.30 ABC); Natasha Robinson (The Australian); Alison Branley (ABC)

Outstanding Online News Breaking
Sarah Thompson, Anthony Macdonald, Tim Boyd (Australian Financial Review); Nine News bushfire coverage;( Benedict Brook, Gavin Fernando ((

Outstanding Court Reporting
Adam Cooper, Melissa Cunningham (The Age); Hagar Cohen (ABC); Michael Ruffles, Michael Evans (Sydney Morning Herald)

Outstanding Reporting on the Environment
Oliver Murray, Shannon Molloy, Stephanie Bedo (; Peter Hannam (Sydney Morning Herald); ABC Landline and ABC Background Briefing

Rebecca Wilson Award 2020: Scoop of the Year
Chris O’Keefe (9 News); Mark Willacy: The Killing Field (Four Corners); Anna Caldwell, Richard Noone (Daily Telegraph)

Outstanding Investigative Reporting
Family of Suspects (Seven Network); Kate McClymont, Jacqueline Maley (Sydney Morning Herald); The Killing Field (Four Corners)

Tom Krause Award for Outstanding Foreign Correspondent
Adam Harvey (ABC Syria); Fiona Pepper (ABC, BBC); Ashlee Mullany (Seven Network)

Outstanding Political Reporting
Annelise Nielsen (Sky News); Chris O’Keefe: Ruby Princess (9News); Andrew Tillett (Australian Financial Review)

Kennedy Award for Australian Journalist of the Year
Kate McClymont (Sydney Morning Herald); Nick McKenzie (60 Minutes/The Age); Sharri Markson (Daily Telegraph)


  1. How much did Nine influence the creation of this category?

    I’m cringing already at the thought of them saying “The Award Winning ACA” in their promos 😂

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