Kochie signing for 2 more years at Sunrise

David Koch has signed for two more years at Sunrise, taking him through to December 2022.

The Australian reports he will formally sign on the dotted line with Seven this week.

Two more years will take him to 20 years in the Sunrise chair, the longest unbroken run for a national breakfast host. His duties come in addition to his role with Port Adelaide, company Pinstripe Media and new online business venture ausbiz.

Sunrise has won every survey week this year, both nationally and in every metro market and every demo – its 16th consecutive year.


  1. Three more years and he will match Steve Liebmann’s 21 years spent hosting Today. Karl is currently in his 14th year and Kochie in his 18th.

  2. TasTVcameraman

    Good longevity, especially for a Breakfast TV show. I guess it is because he is not the normal Breakfast host. Congratulations on the years of getting out of bed early. It is not for everyone. I only get out one day a week, and that is hard enough.

  3. Who would have thought an economist/finance journalist would have become such a successful breakfast tv host ? Good on him. Love me some Kochie in the mornings.

  4. Always preferred Sunrise over Today. Love the format, set & presenters. Everyone seems happy around each other where Today just appears uncomfortable no matter what combination of people. Having said that Studio 10 is my go to morning program usually. But nothing beats the interview with Kath & Kim on Sunrise Kochey 🙂

  5. to TV or not to TV

    Twenty years getting up at that time of the morning to prepare for and co-host the show, so why not another two? He’s clearly used to it!

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