Lockdown restrictions reach The Voice

On Sunday night, The Voice unveils its first episode filmed after lockdown.

Boy George remains in the UK while Kelly Rowland is in the US.

But The Veronicas will assist with mentoring for Boy George while Marcia Hines assists Kelly Rowland across three Playoffs screening on Sunday, Monday and Tuesday night.

Returning singers were understood to be staying in a western Sydney hotel during filming (there will be at least one surprise amongst the returning acts).

For the Playoffs, singers are given around 1 minute each to perform separate songs for their coaches, but a Wild Card allows for one each to be saved. The show draws upon fans in lockdown to represent an audience, while Boy George and Kelly Rowland, seen in big screens on their red chairs, play well to the coach interaction.

The Voice loves its drama and lockdown is its latest series twist…

On Sunday Big Brother will also reach episodes where COVID impacted on production.

7pm Sunday on Nine.

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