MTV channels relaunch

MTV Australia today launched its new collection of music channels: MTV HITS, Club MTV, MTV Classic and CMT (Country Music Television).

They feature curated music blocks in rock and pop, contemporary and country, charts and dance, R&B, easy listening and the all-time classics.

The channels are owned by ViacomCBS but programmed locally, replacing Foxtel-owned channels such as [V], MAX, CMC and Nova’s Smooth.

The recent investment in new music initiatives has showcased Australian artists in original local productions of: MTV Unplugged Melbourne, TRL Australia, Call & Response, Yo!MTV Raps, MTV Stripped, MTV Upload and It’s a Mood.

MTV HITS, Club MTV, MTV Classic and CMT will be available on Foxtel from July 1. And the MTV music collection will be available on Fetch from July 1.


  1. Great to see these channels back on Foxtel (after a 10-ish year absence?) Quite disappointed with the removal of Smooth though as I really enjoyed their playlist.
    Also worth mentioning NickMusic, they seem to have the same 20-30 videos on a continuous loop which is rather annoying.
    Would be interesting to see if video blocks from any of these networks may find their way over to Ch10…

    • MTV Music Channels typically run 8-hour block that was then repeated three times a day: from 6 am to 2 pm, 2 pm to 10 pm, and finally from 10 pm to 6 am, after which a new 8-hour block of programming would start the cycle again.

      • The NickMusic schedule seemed way more repetitive than that… pretty sure Stuck with U by Ariana/Bieber and that Supalonely song played at least twice an hour or so. Apparently it’s a simulcast from the U.S NickMusic? Other channels are pretty good though, but hopefully Foxtel will add some music video playlists like the ones Max and [V] had.

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