Nine Perfect Strangers to film from August

Nicole Kidman miniseries has govt approval for self-funded quarantine of international and interstate cast & crew.

Production on upcoming miniseries Nine Perfect Strangers, featuring Nicole Kidman, Luke Evans, Melissa McCarthy, Asher Keddie and Samara Weaving will begin in Byron Bay on August 10 and continue for 19 weeks.

The Hulu series being produced by Kidman’s Blossom Films, Bruna Papandrea’s Made Up Stories and Endeavor Content is based on Liane Moriarty’s bestseller of the same name.

The Sunday Telegraph reports the production has permission from state and federal governments to bring in international and interstate cast and crew under strict COVID-19 guidelines.

Police will supervise an isolated production hub at Kidman’s Southern Highlands property to allow pre-production to proceed as the team quarantines.

Keith Urban and children Sunday and Faith, as well as cast and crew members, will serve a 14-day quarantine under strict government guidelines in a fully-contained facility, with Kidman and her co-producers to pay all medical and security costs.

The production will also house cast and crew in a hotel during filming under strict health guidelines.

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  1. I heard elsewhere it stated that Nine Perfect Strangers is a sequel to Big Little Lies. Viewers need to know that they are completely separate stories.

    I loved the book, but like BLL, it is based around a sort-of mystery, so it will be hard for them to maintain the suspense considering all the book readers know.

  2. I have to say Nine Perfect Strangers was my least favourite of all Liane Moriarty’s novels. I’m surprised it was chosen to adapt to screen over some of Lianes other far more interesting books 🤔

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