Ninja, Farmer battle it out for Sunday glory

Ratings: Nine comes out on top in Reality battle. New Seven drama third in its slot.

Australian Ninja Warrior has claimed bragging rights for Nine on Sunday, but Farmer Wants a Wife also launched big for Seven.

Sunday July 26

A big night of television was claimed by Nine. Australian Ninja Warrior topped entertainment at 1.04m viewers, lifting slightly on last year’s 1.01m. That’s a good result considering the competition, but it was also good news for Farmer Wants a Wife at 908,000 for Seven (that’s up on Nine’s 2016 launch). The loser here was Bachelor in Paradise, caught in the crossfire at just 434,000. Meanwhile 60 Minutes (721,000) and Vera (646,00) gave big budget newcomer Between Two Worlds (419,000) some early trouble.

Nine: 32.7
Seven: 29.1
ABC: 17.1
10: 13.4
SBS: 7.7

Timeslot wins:
Seven News: 1.31m
Australian Ninja Warrior: 1.04m
60 Minutes: 721,000
Nine News (late): 294,000

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Saturday July 25

Seven wins Saturday night.

Seven: 34.6
Nine: 28.7
ABC: 14.9
10: 13.3
SBS: 8.5

Timeslot wins:
Seven News: 1.03m
ABC News: 676,000
Shakespeare & Hathaway: 428,000
Seven’s AFL: 536,000

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Friday July 24

AFL puts Seven well ahead of Nine for the night. 10 pips ABC for third place.

Seven: 35.1
Nine: 25.5
10: 15.9
ABC: 15.2
SBS: 8.4

Timeslot wins:
The Chase: 582,000 / 366,000
Seven News: 1.06m / 1.00m
ABC News: 719,000
Seven’s AFL: 552,000

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Thursday July 23

A dull night of TV. Did anybody miss the ratings anyway?

Seven: 30.2
Nine: 27.3
10: 16.5
ABC: 16.3
SBS: 9.7

Timeslot wins:
The Chase: 623,000 / 399,000
Seven News: 1.13m / 1.1m
ABC News: 820,000
7:30: 555,000 / Celebrity Gogglebox USA: 332,000
The Front Bar: 355,000

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Monday and Tuesday numbers will be released tomorrow.

13 Responses

    1. I struggled too. I watched it on Monday (home sick from work) and binged the second episode to see if it improved (it was on 7 Plus). Not a great improvement considering the cast with people like Sara Wiseman and Aaron Jeffery on the mix.

      Having said that my husband and I were binging S7 of Wentworth in readiness for S8 in the last week and BTW cannot compare.

      Agree with other readers that Tuesday night would probably be a better alternative to air dramas. Not common for 7 to launch a drama on a Sunday!

  1. Absolutely shocking figures for Between Two Worlds considering the cost of drama these days. There would not have been any change out of one million dollars an episode.
    It didn’t really “do it ” for me..too many angst ridden looks , bad writing …and possibly the worst looking nightclub scene outside Home and Away.

  2. A shame about Between Two World’s numbers. Would it had rated better on a Tuesday, where other Aussie dramas had been before on Seven … like: Blue Heelers, All Saints, Packed to the Rafters, Winners & Losers)? Sunday is a crowded market at the moment

  3. Wow. Farmer did better than i expected it too 😳. I really thought it wouldn’t do that well honestly.. As for Between Two Worlds, i didn’t really like it. It didn’t live up to the hype at all.

  4. not good news for Between Two Worlds. Seems like it could be a really good show but ep1 was too much of a setup episode. its a serial drama, so i cant see ratings improving from that.

    Its the exact type of show audiences and social media comments say they want, but when the networks do invest and deliver, no one watches. you can hardly blame the networks for flooding the airways with cheaper reality tv.

    1. This is a real concern for commercial FTA networks. I find it very hard to watch their dramas because of constant interruptions from ads. We have been spoilt by streaming.

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