No live finale for The Voice

By late tonight there will be just 4 singers still in the running for The Voice 2020 prize, but filming for Sunday’s grand final has been completed.

A Nine spokesperson tells TV Tonight, due to COVID-19 restrictions, this year the grand final has been pre-recorded, with multiple endings pending a public vote.

Showdowns and Finals were unable to proceed Live, not just with Kelly Rowland and Boy George overseas, but with quick set changes unable to be undertaken whilst keeping crew safe. There are also slight delays with George and Kelly on satellite, which is edited out for broadcast.

Voting opens on on 4 finalists as soon as tonight’s semi-final concludes and remains open until Sunday.

This year EMI Music Australia will also be releasing 4 original singles for each of the finalists, available to stream on usual platforms as soon as tonight’s Semi-Final concludes.

7:30pm tonight and 7pm Sunday on Nine.


  1. John Jackson

    This has been such a strange series this year and they wonder why not much has been made of the previous winners on this show compared to those on The X Factor and Australian Idol. The public just doesn’t get a chance of knowing the singers well enough on this show. It always seems too rushed (although the last season of The X Factor trashed itself there by being really rushed).

    It’s really surprising that the only time the public has an input this year is deciding who the winner is out of the last 4. In other years of The Voice it was possible that come of the coaches wouldn’t have any singers in the final and yet this time around they all have one each remaining.

    Then on top of that they’d had to record fake reactions to a win is just truly bad. Sad they can’t do it live. Dancing with the Stars managed it, and they had a live final and a judge crossing into the studio via…

  2. stuffinabox

    no live final but will still run 45 mins over time , how is it networks cannot edit prerecorded shows to fit into the time slot do people who edit shows not know how to do their jobs correctly

      • That’s no excuse – other countries manage to consistently run shows to time as declared in printed listings. Indeed in usual circumstances NBC can tell us now how long the final of The Voice will be next May.

          • Late is late

            By your logic, a bus is still ontime if a real-time app showed it coming at 7:47am, despite scheduled as 7:30am on the timetable on the pole…

            Just like the bus company can predict normal traffic, networks know full well in advance when they are planning for a 20, 30 or indeed 45 minute overrun.

            People should be able to roughly plan their night’s viewing alongside other plans (like phone calls) reading the paper over breakfast, not have to second guess networks tricks.

            One of the key reasons most people stream dramas is how unpredictable start times are.

  3. I don’t like it honestly. Kills all the joy at the end knowing the reactions were not real. They’ve been doing zoom all season for the audience so i don’t understand why they couldn’t do live crosses to the finalists and announce the results live but it is what it is. At least we have a show. We can’t complain about that because some shows aren’t even happening right now. However, Covid isn’t an excuse for this imo.

    • They’re doing the best they can under insane circumstances.

      They could do what you suggested, but they wouldn’t be able to have a live Zoom audience on a live show (all of the preceding shows have also been pre-recorded, FYI) so you wouldn’t have the atmosphere of the show. Plus, all of the reasons David listed above.

      COVID is actually a very valid excuse for this. It impacts in ways we probably wouldn’t even think of when it comes to a production like this. We’re lucky they managed to finish the series as well as they did.

  4. I’m always horrified when I read about different ‘winners’ being filmed. I know Masterchef does it. I just can’t imagine what it’s like to have put yourself through how ever many weeks of harsh reality TV and to be in sight of victory, yet know that your excitement at being announced the winner could be totally unjustified. Not sure that I could do it – but then I can’t cook or sing, so nothing to worry about there!

  5. Full Harddrive

    Madness. That’sat least 8 different endings they had to film. If they’d have left filming Sunday’s Grand Finale with top 4 til after tonight they’d only have to deal with 4 possibilities, If the Grand Finale is already filmed how are they gonna edit in who the top 4 are chosen by online vote during tonight’s screening? It does my head in.

    Such a pity this had to happen,Highest caliber of talent these finals.

      • Full Harddrive

        My reading of 9’s website indicates you vote up to all of your allocated 3 votes during tonights semi. Which would determine who is in the grand finale on Sunday. Which means if GF is already filmed they wouldnt know which of 8 are in top 4 hence with a chance of winning title (4 diff endings)

        I’m so confused.

        • Tonight each Coach will eliminate one from their team putting 4 in the grand final. Public get three votes which they can allocate all to one artist, or split among the four however they see fit.

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