No more Fleabag

It’s official… no more Fleabag.

Creator and star Phoebe Waller-Bridge was asked recently if Fleabag could return for a potential third season?

She told The Mirror: “No. I think we have to let her go, she’s exhausted. She’s been through a lot.”

“But we’re all going to work together again, so there will be something of the Fleabag spirit to come back.”

The award-winning series has screened in Australia on Amazon Prime and ABC Comedy.

Source: Digital Spy


  1. thedirtydigger

    I’ve just discovered Fleabag ( always late to the party ) and I give it a big AAA thumbs up. Sad to see it’s ending after two series …

  2. BBC 5/4/19
    There will not be a third series,” Sian Clifford said. “This is it.” […] Her comments echo creator
    Phoebe Waller-Bridge’s own declaration that Monday’s climactic instalment would be “the final
    curtain”. “I have thought about it and there isn’t going to be one,” she told the BBC earlier this year
    when asked if a third series might be made.

    Tv Tonight 8/5/19
    The second (and in all likelihood, final) season of Fleabag begins on Amazon Prime next week.

    But now Waller-Bridge told the Mirror that there will be no 3rd season, for a 3rd time, when it hasn’t been announced let alone written or made in 19 months) it’s now official. I’m so relieved that’s settled.

    • Its just TV

      I guess with streaming these days there’s always gonna be new fans asking about another season. Something Waller-Bridge will have to address every few months.

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