Oops. “10 days of no ratings”

Seven gets out the abacus and draws some odd conclusions.

By my calculations we had 8 days without ratings, Tuesday July 21 – Tuesday July 27.

Or 9 if you decide to throw yesterday into the mix too (even though those numbers wouldn’t normally be due until today).

I have no idea how Seven reaches a count of 10, as per their Inside Seven newsletter to media. But this is the same newsletter that made a red-faced typo about “timeslow growth.”

Staff cuts have obviously cut deep at Eveleigh.

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  1. If you don’t like the post – just don’t read it. Yet alone comment about it. David is doing his best, and can post almost anything he wants. This week would have been difficult on him with the ratings being released multiple times throughout a day – so cut him some slack. Just enjoy what you are “given”.

  2. Someone at Seven missed their Marketing 101 lectures.
    Surely it would have looked better (and been somewhat more accurate) if they used copy:
    ‘7 things you need to know after 7 days of no ratings’
    you know, reinforcing the 7 brand…

  3. What other details were in the newsletter or was it all covered in your ratings report?
    I’m interested to know whether this petty post could’ve actually covered what we come here to see. TV results and articles about industry.

      1. With so little data released recently I would’ve thought it an opportunity to dive deeper into newly released results, especially around BB, Ninja, FWAW and BiP.
        Was there nothing in the newsletter informative or compelling enough for a post…or the typo was the standout in your eyes?

        1. It’s an Oops post, and as editor I can tell you readers enjoy these. Since you asked, I also felt the “Big Brother finishes bigger than ever” in the same newsletter was hard to work out. The ratings data is published in the Ratings section as it arrives, and in News. I still plan to post on weekly results.

          1. Yes, I also enjoy the range of posts and sometimes read the oops, and sometimes not, depends on my time and the heading. But as always you provide a balance and your own views and since it is your blog, you should do what you like! and this is what I value: the variety and commentary!

    1. I’ve never replied to a post before, even though I read this every day. This comment is just plain rude. If a media outlet releases a newsletter that has an obvious error in the banner than it is hard to take the content, especially many more figures, seriously. That is all this is about. If you demand only the content you seek, go and get it yourself!

        1. ‘ this petty post ‘….This is the personal blog of David Knox….
          His house, his rules…he can post whatever he likes…
          We are invited guests….if you do not care for his style….don’t come in the front door.

          1. Oh Maev. I never said ‘I don’t care for his style’.
            I thought this article was petty. ‘of little importance; trivial’
            Coming back with ‘if you don’t like it don’t look’ is an overreaction. There’s nothing wrong with alternate points of views and the majority of posts are a decent read.
            Look at the comments section here, there’s so much opinion and they’re far from the same. If everybody was the same we’d get tired of talking with each other.

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