Poh has left the MasterChef building

First bushfires, then a pandemic, and now this…

Not quite Elvis, but close to it in culinary TV terms, Poh Ling Yeow has been eliminated from MasterChef Australia.

The highest-profile contestant in the ‘Back to Win’ season, she was eliminated in a two-round cook-off in which her emulsion didn’t come together in time for her potato dumplings (don’t you just hate it when your emulsion doesn’t come together?).

“I met my demise finally,” she admitted. “But I’ve had such a fantastic time. It’s just been such a joy to cook with these guys.

“And it’s really humbling to be around them. It’s been…it’s just been such a fantastic experience. I’ve loved every moment.”

Her exit leaves an open field with Callum Hann, Emelia Jackson, Laura Sharrad, Reece Hignell and Reynold Poernomo.

Reflecting plenty of screen time and network promotion, Melissa Leong even referred to her as “a national treasure.”

Poh has already fronted TV shows for ABC and SBS but winning MasterChef remains the one that got away.

In April she told TV Tonight,MasterChef absolutely launched my cooking career and I think with life, I’ve always had the philosophy of big risks, big gains. It’s like a great pendulum of life. So gotta be in it to win it.

“The other thing is for me, I don’t need to be perfect or flawless. I’m all about showing everyone that it’s just about having a red hot go.”


  1. In a way I’m kind of glad Poh has gone because I was sick of reading all the comments on the socials saying Poh will win because this show is rigged for her and they won’t eliminate her.

    Well they did. I will miss her laugh and her crazy cooking but now it’s hard to predict a winner.

  2. She went with her heart instead of her head for the last challenge, but that’s what I love about her. Regardless of who wins, she’s the greatest ‘Masterchef’ from my perspective. I’d really like to see her replace Andy as a judge next season.

  3. We were gutted but always said Poh’s risk taking would ultimately be her downfall. Back in season one, my partner scoffed at her being given a ‘second chance’ by being able to go home and get the ingredients for the dish she actually wanted to make, but a modern day TV legend was born out of it. We love ya, Poh!

  4. jezza the first original one

    A lot of respect for Poh, she is a tv star in her own right. She was always a bit pushed for time. It is too close to call as to who will win. My best guess is Emilia

  5. Sorry but she was given an easy ride through the show. Should have gone weeks ago! She is a good cook but not able to compete against the better contestants. Time management was a major part of her problem, but her dishes were not up to the high standard of this show

    • Totally agree. She was treated with kid gloves. I don’t understand the adoration of Poh. She may be a lovely person but her food is dull in comparison to the creative dishes of the other contestants. Our house was glad to see the end of the Poh Show and look forward to the last few weeks of MasterChef.

  6. Bruce Banner

    10 basically gave away who was being eliminated when you heard a male voice say “what no way!” and showed Mel crying and saying it’s a privilege to have her return to the show… she wasn’t going to cry over anyone but Poh leaving.

  7. The show will be a bit ‘duller’ without her, she kept me entertained and taught me a lot as well. It was also lovely to see how much the other contestants admire and respect her.

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