Renewed: Crimson Rivers

French crime drama Crimson Rivers was recently renewed for a third season.

According to Le Blog, series three sees “Commissioner Pierre Niémans and Lieutenant Camille Delaunay, [are] more united than ever after a series of dark, complex investigations, [and] are once again called to the four corners of France.

“Explosive and inseparable, this shocking tandem will dive into new worlds, which will awaken in them painful secrets that they thought were buried forever. Bodies sewn together found in a neo-pagan festival in the mountains, a mad murderer who reintroduces the Black Plague virus in the heart of the capital, a death angel raging in the most isolated and dangerous prison of ‘Europe…

“Immersed in even more surprising investigations, Niémans and Camille will not come out unscathed. Because if they are the only ones able to unravel these mysteries, they will very quickly realize that all truth is not good to unearth. Especially when it concerns them directly.”

Crimson Rivers screens in Australia via SBS.

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