Returning: Last Tango in Halifax

Season 5 comes to ABC in mid -ugust.

Season 5 of Last Tango in Halifax comes to ABC in mid-August.

The drama by Sally Wainwright aired in the UK in February.

Six-time BAFTA-winner, Sally Wainwright’s drama is as absorbing and authentic as ever.

The new series reunites the multi-award-winning ensemble cast, which includes Anne Reid, Derek Jacobi, Nicola Walker, Sarah Lancashire and Timothy West.

Alan (Derek Jacobi) and Celia (Anne Reid) have now been married for seven years. The childhood sweethearts – who reunited and remarried in their seventies – have moved into a lovely new home. The views across the Calder Valley are beautiful and the couple are still very much in love.

But Alan and Celia are discovering that wedded bliss isn’t always blissful.

8:20pm Saturday August 15 on ABC.

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  1. This season, while still heartwarming and excellent, didn’t go in the direction I expected. They set up a great storyline in ep 1 that’s never explored. Would have been nice if they did IMO. Cast, as always, excellent.

  2. This is a nice surprise. I assumed the Christmas special was the last. I recall reading Sally Wainwright ceasing Halifax to spend more time on Happy Valley. Really love the cast in this series. Some brilliant acting.

    1. The two eps in S4 were an unsatisfactory ending, so when everyone was available they did another 4 eps. Was announced in June last year, been a 4 year wait for S5. And nobody complaining that “your ABC” has sat on them for 6 months? Even longer for The Split S2. What’s the ABC’s motive for this, ratings?

      1. Previous seasons of Last Tango in Halifax were delayed airing on ABC, because of BBC had rights, so this could be reason for delay of Season 5. I’m not bovered by delay…. we’ve waited this long, just happy it’s on FTA.

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