Returning: Manifest

Updated: Season 2 of US drama now gets a broadcast on Nine.

US drama Manifest returns to Nine next week in a late night slot.

The series about the crew and passengers of Flight 828 has been available on 9Now since March but new gets a linear broadcast. This premiered in the US in January.

It has been renewed for a third season.

11:50pm Tuesday August 4 on Nine.

Updated: Now out of schedule

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    1. My DVD slots are full on Monday and Tuesday at midnight now. It’s when the interesting stuff is on. Nine has the FTA rights to Manifest so I waited till I could DVR it, hopefully when there was little else on TV, instead of streaming it (It’s up on now till March).

      Probably would have found it in The Guide, or the Tuesday TV listing when I sat down to do the crosswords and puzzles in the paper, or caught some promos in ER or The Rockford Files. But good to be sure I didn’t miss it.

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