Returning: Marcella

Season 2 of UK detective series Marcella begins on ABC next week.

This is a 2018 series starring Anna Friel.

Marcella investigates when a body is discovered inside a wall, clothed in a school blazer, Return* surrounded by soft toys. The detective soon works out that the victim is Leo Priestley, who had been abducted a few years beforehand.

9:30pm Friday July 10 on ABC.


    • Glass Portcullis

      Season 3 is out?? Excellent news.

      Ohhhh it’s on Netflix (will wait for ITV).

      IIRC ITV likes to wait months between commissioning series. *If* there is a Season 4 — I’m speculating here — we won’t know about it til next year, and even then filming probably won’t start for 6 months after the announcement (in the pre-COVID world anyway).

      I’ve got a mountain of stuff still to watch (ZeroZeroZero, Save Me S2 and the War of the Worlds are but a couple) so I probably won’t get to this for a few weeks. Thanks for the heads up tho!

      • jezza the first original one

        I have just watched season 3 and rate it as one of the worst TV series I have seen in a long time. There are so many plot holes and gaps, and the finale was just a joke.

        Not a spoiler, but an incident involving a mayor….absolutely no follow up, so why bother. The whole series was just a terrible mess.

  1. Marcella continues the British love affair with police procedure shows and damaged detectives.
    After finally ending Marcella season one my curiosity got the better of me for season two, but it did become a bit of a struggle to keep my thumb off the fast forward button.
    Having anyone in Marcella’s psychological state would be an issue in any potentially dangerous work environment let alone the police force, all the same Marcella will please fans of this type of British noir genre.

    • S1 started OK but quickly became ridiculous and suspension of disbelief collapsed. I was hoping they would tone down the outlandishness for S2, because otherwise it was well made.

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