Reynold elminated, Emilia & Laura in MasterChef final

Emelia Jackson and Laura Sharrad are headed to tonight’s MasterChef Australia grand final after Reynold Poernomo was eliminated in the semi-final.

The ‘dessert king’ from New South Wales was cut after a gruelling pressure test in which contestants had to replicate a toffee apple by three-hatted chef Martin Benn. The complex dish was based on the five elements of taste; salty, sour, sweet, umami and bitter.

But while Reynold’s dish looked amazing, it lacked enough bitterness and was deemed to sweet. It ended an emotional ride for the 27 year old who was reduced to tears, after revealing how his family business had been impacted by COVID-19.

This season Poernomo also apologised saying he “regrets immensely” some homophobic comments he made online in 2014, adding he has “many friends and colleagues that are part of the LGBTIQ+ community.”

Tonight’s grand final will see friends Emelia and Laura cook a three-course meal for the judges and their fellow contestants, comprising over 60 plates of food.

7:30pm tonight on 10.


  1. Reynolds homophobic comments, although they were made six years ago, and he was just 21 y.o at the time, were unforgivable imo. I know people’s opinions and values evolve over time, but I’m not convinced his apology is genuine. So he has many friends and colleagues who are part of the LGBTI community……that old chestnut 😉

  2. I just hate the fact it has all been leaked to social media weeks ago – the exact order of contestants being eliminated, last night’s result – all of it has been exactly true. Sure, you can guess some, but not to that degree, so it’s a shame someone leaked it all.

  3. Don’t have a problem with who is in the final, or the format of the show. I think what’s more concerning is how scarily accurate the betting agencies have been this year with their odds on who is leaving next, and who will win the series. There has been the same outright favourite to win the series on all of the betting sites for over a month now – clearly word has leaked out. Channel 10 can’t be happy with that.

    • It happens on every reality show though. I’ve heard it’s because crew members who know the result all go and bet on the winner so their odds go way up. Was interesting with MC though because it was still filming when the premier aired, you could almost tell when they had finished filming by when the odds dramatically changed.

  4. I really hope Emelia takes it out – she’s not working in a service based restaurant like Laura, so she’s going to be at a disadvantage. But, she has shown over and over that her skills are right up there

  5. Congrats to Laura and Emelia reaching the final. I was sad to see Reynold leave, but the rubbish about some contestants receiving preferences is laughable..
    This is the first season I have watched a cooking show and have loved the contestants, judges and the concept.. I’ll be back next year.

  6. jezza the first original one

    I tipped Emelia to win this a few weeks ago. However I do think that Reynold is the superstar of the series, he has natural flair and tenacity. Still Laura and Em should produce a good close final…..

  7. I watched every minute this season. I don’t think Jock favoured Laura at all. I could not warm to Reynold, fte arrogant. I think Emilia is lovely, not boring at all, has a very dry sense of humour. All that aside its a cooking competition not a personality competition. If it was Callum or Reece would have won. Emilia for the win for me!

    • The problem is we can’t taste the food so we can never fully understand what the judges are basing their decision on. In saying that as Reynold was putting extra toffee on I did think isn’t he adding more sugar and therefore unbalancing the dish? I think he got too obsessed with fixing how it looks he forgot that taste is way more important.

  8. Reynold was robbed by ridiculous format of semi final.
    It’s Masterchef not Mastercopy!
    Being able to read and follow a recipe is not a true Indictation of the contestants chef skills.
    For a semi final we should be seeing the contestants showing their skills and knowledge.
    Laura shouldn’t have got through as she got assistance from the other contestants. Al season she has received favouritism from the judges, especially from Jock
    Let’s hope that the fans support all the contestants restaurants/ shops as best they can in these difficult times

    • Pressure Tests have been part of the finals since the beginning. This is not new. These challenges involve techniques they are unfamiliar with that is the point of the challenge to test their cooking skills by taking them out of their comfort zone. That is what makes it exciting.

    • If that’s then case then reynold should have been out ages ago as jock advised him there was sponge in the bomb Alaska and he didn’t know.

  9. I was lost for words. I would have had my house on him being in the final 2. I find Emilia nauseatingly boring and I find Laura unauthentic in her personality… plus she’s been favoured by Jock the entire series. So I’m not going to waste my time in watching who wins tonight. Disappointing because I’ve spent a lot of time investing in the show.
    It was my first year watching the show and especially recently with the format and the decisions on some contestants eliminations… I realise why it frustrated me in the first place. I don’t think I’ll be back.

        • To see who wins. To support the show you’ve watched the whole season but now not watching cos your fave didn’t get through.
          Reynold didn’t deserve to be in the finale as his dish was the worst and so was his attitude. Oh I’ll be okay in this as I’ve eaten at this chefs place and have an advantage and I know how to cook this as I’m the dessert king.
          He should have followed the recipe like the girls did.

          • You’ve just proven that personality is important to viewers, which is actually the key ingredient to any reality tv show.

  10. carolemorrissey

    I could not believe the problems poor Reynold was having with this stupid dessert. To see him eliminated on a dessert when he is the dessert king & has created desserts much more complex than that one. It broke my heart when he cried. Trying to remember if there have ever been 2 women finalists before.

  11. And the social media sites are having a field day with conspiracy theories over Laura beating Reynold. It’s been an interesting year for conspiracies on this and The Voice.

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