Sarah Harris: “Channel 9 …call me!?”

Spare a thought for Sarah Harris who this morning found herself in the middle of judging a dog dressing competition on Studio 10.

In the show’s marathon daily broadcast (sometimes referred to as the “telethon”), regulars Denise Drysdale and Kerri-Anne Kennerley had their pooches on set for a “Best in Show” dog contest. Gripping stuff.

When it came to scoring, Joe Hildebrand awarded Ding Dong’s ‘Shitzu’, saying, “Mostly I just wanted the chance to write this word on television.”

But Sarah Harris took a different tack, holding up another message on her whiteboard declaring, “Ch.9 Call Me!?”

She added, “Not since Dancing with the Dogs has there been a moment that golden here on Studio 10.”

It’s tough out there in morning TV.


    • Not sure which segment you’re referring to but Studio 10 wasn’t in breach of anything with ACMA. The KAK / Yumi argument countered both viewpoints so it got the all clear. I’d say adding Narelda Jacobs the show has done quite a bit to address some of KAK’s statements.

    • the show needs someone like Pauline Hanson on a regular bases who will contribute something that viewers actually want to watch instead of flicking over to another channel

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