Seven News, Sunrise, Morning Show lead first half of 2020

Seven News has won every survey week this year, a feat matched by Sunrise and The Morning Show.

Seven News boss Craig McPherson has sent a note to stuff congratulating his team on the first half of ratings survey. It follows Nine News Sydney news director Simon Hobbs claiming a victory in the Sydney market… but in claiming national success, McPherson subtly notes is a win “for some reason others prefer to ignore.”

“For the past seven months we’ve traversed the most uncertain times to keep delivering to our audiences,” he wrote.

“At no time in our working lives has the service we’ve provided to Australia been so critical to helping the wellbeing of the community we serve.

“Through hours of Live press conferences, COVID News Specials and 24/7 online coverage all wrapped in and around our vital 10 hours of daily broadcasts – News programming from 5am through Sunrise, The Morning Show, 6pm and ending after the ‘Final Frame’ of The Latest goes to air – never has the true function of free to air television been so transparent. For all to see.

“You all worked longer, harder and dare I say smarter than ever before. And continue to do so.

“These intrinsic ties to our communities have never been more present and never more critical to a Network’s future.”

Here is the remainder of his staff note:


7NEWS has for the fifth consecutive year won every calendar week (29) and every survey week (21) to date this year in the five city metro market and most importantly every week nationally, which for some reason others prefer to ignore.

7NEWS is on track to again win every ratings week for five years in succession.

In the east coast markets the total gap has dramatically dropped from 178,000 five years ago to just 42,000.

In its first 12 months, has recorded incredible growth. From nowhere it is now the third most visited news website with more than 1.5 million Australians reading it every day. Well ahead of any commercial TV news site.

Each episode of The Latest on Facebook Watch has been viewed by more than 2 million people.

The Latest leads as the #1 late news service.


Sunrise leads nationally and in every metro market (Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, Adelaide and Perth) and every single demo – its 16th consecutive year of leadership at breakfast.

Sunrise has won every calendar week (29) and every survey week (21) to date this year both nationally and metro markets.

Sunrise has won every single day and week of 2020. As it did in 2019.

Weekend Sunrise has won every ratings week to date in 2020.

The Morning Show

TMS leads nationally and in every metro market and every single demo – its 13th consecutive year of leadership in the timeslot.

TMS has won every calendar week and every survey week to date this year both nationally and the five city metro market.

It’s been said what we do is a never ending marathon. I see it more as a collection of daily 1500m endurance sprints where we line up and strive for perfection every day of every week. 365 days of every year.

There is a start. There are results. Take pride in what you’ve all achieved.

We keep running.



  1. if it wasn’t for Perth there is no way Mr McPherson would be gloating like this in terms of 6pm. The fact is that Melbourne has gone way backwards compared to last year in terms of weeks won. Tell us Craig, how many weeks have you won in Melbourne at 6pm?They’re being smashed in Sydney as well.

    • Overall trend is a fair point to raise, but Perth is just as legit as Sydney or Melb and should not be seen any less. Nine prefers the old method of weeks won, Seven prefers audience average at year’s end.

      • It’s seen as less as the Per TV market is an absolute fraction of the size. You’re talking a market of 2.2m compared to the 5.3 million in Mel (#1 market) and Syd. and I’m sure as revenue is even disproportionately smaller to the market size

  2. “The Latest leads as the #1 late news service”. Is this really true – given Nine News Late gets quite boost by airing after 60 Minutes on Sundays…

  3. Would really like to know between the morning shows, the breakfast shows, the 4pm, 6pm late night and online, digital, .com, the apps and social media – which news brand – 7 or 9 – is truly number #1 in Australia

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