Seven wins quiet Thursday

It was another quiet Thursday so this analysis falls into line with the rest of this rather odd week.

Seven won the night, with The Chase as the leading entertainment show on offer. Much of the night consisted of staggered sports broadcasts, and some alternate entertainment.

Seven: 31.8
Nine: 26.9
10: 16.4
ABC: 15.5
SBS: 9.4

Timeslot wins:

The Chase: 622,000 / 394,000
Seven News: 1.1m / 1.06m
ABC News: 819,000
7:30: 621,000 / Seven’s AFL: 453,000
Escape from the City: 333,000
War of the Worlds: 191,000

You can read more here.

Full ratings analysis will resume on Monday.

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  1. In Melbourne, observational / factual series Reported Missing was shunted by 30 mins for a special 8:40pm local news bulletin with Brett McLeod on the peaking coronavirus numbers.

    The national Nine News Late also aired at 11:15pm, full of sleazy ads.

    More commitment to news than Seven who has dropped The Latest at least twice on a weeknights lately, this week for the 2000 Olympics Opening Ceremony replay.

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