SKY News lifts in 2020

SKY News Australia has achieved its best half-yearly results on record.

SKY News Australia has achieved its best half-yearly results on record as the #1 channel on subscription television for 22 weeks running (26 January – 27 June).

From 6pm-10pm SKY News is 2.5% up 0.6 share points year-on-year, while the All Day (2am – 2am) share is 2.9%, up 0.7 share points year-on-year.

Paul Whittaker, Chief Executive Officer, said: “Following record ratings during the 2019 election year, we have continued to build our audience, achieving record year-on-year ratings growth for the first half of 2020. Our rolling COVID-19 coverage, exclusive interviews, documentaries and specials, breaking political news and our evening programming have resonated strongly with our audience.

“As we move into the second half of the year, we have a new line-up with the introduction of Alan Jones four nights a week joining our unbeatable primetime program offering including The Kenny Report, Credlin, The Bolt Report and Paul Murray Live. And, we’ll be providing viewers with unrivalled political coverage of the Federal Budget, Queensland Election and US Presidential Election.”

The top performing individual programs in H1 were locally produced two-part investigative documentary MH370: The Untold Story (19 & 20 February), the most successful Sky News Australia documentary to date, followed by The Bolt Report: George Pell World First TV Exclusive (14 April) which delivered the program its highest rated episode, and The Death of the Aussie Larrikin? (16 June).

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  1. I live in Sydney and I understand that Sky News is on FTA on WIN.

    In the analogue days, one living in Sydney could receive WIN Wollongong if one had a high gain antenna pointed towards the Wollongong WIN transmitters. The reason for receiving the signal from WIN was that sporting matches telecast in Wollongong were not broadcast in Sydney.

    Could a high gain antenna in Sydney pointed towards Wollongong’s WIN transmitter receive DVB+ (digital) signals?

    Anthony of exciting Belfield

    1. Is it? What actual evidence do you have that Murdoch’s opinions are what the hosts of the various shows espouse? He may agree with them but i have seen no evidence to suggest he is telling them what to say so please, let us know your evidence for such honesty.

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