Soap survivors back in opening titles

Hats off to actors Geoff Paine and Annie Jones, who, some 30 years after they were Neighbours principals, have returned to the opening titles.

Geoff Paine, who plays Clive Gibbons, first appeared in 1986 delivering a gorilla-gram, but left in 1987. There were brief returns before a part-time return from 2017. 33 years after his departure he is now back in the opening titles alongside friend and on-screen squeeze Colette Mann.

Annie Jones, who also first appeared in 1986 as ‘plain’ Jane Harris until 1989, is also restored. Jones similarly made sporadic appearances before a full-time return. Joining them is Charlotte Chimes as on-screen daughter, Nicolette.

Executive Producer Jason Herbison tells TV Tonight, “We’re thrilled to update the opening titles to include Annie, Charlotte and Geoff.

“While Annie and Charlotte are regular characters, Geoff will continue to be seen on a semi-regular basis, which works very well for us and for him.  We’ve included him in the titles to reflect Dr Clive’s importance to the community and we know the fans wanted it too – including fan club president Colette Mann!”


  1. David you seem to be missing some words from the opening paragraph: “Hats off to actor s Geoff Paine, who, some 33 years after they were Neighbours principals, have returned to the opening titles.”??

  2. Charlotte Chimes as Nicolette is also a wonderful addition, very good actress. Neighbours has quite a few very good young actors at the moment. Future stars.

  3. It’s a bit misleading having Clive in the credits, if he is still not full time. With Collette Mann, behind the move, I imagine she is a hard woman to say no too. Clive was a very popular cast member from 1986-87 and he returned for a six week guest stint in 1989. Jane was in it from 19686-89 and has had three significant guest returns in 2018, 2019 and earlier this year. Glad they are both back. Interestingly in the years before they came back I had suggested that they return as a married couple. (they were never together on the show, but were a couple on a Flying Doctors episode). It would have been an interesting plot twist, but alas not to be. They only just shared a scene together this week for the first time since Jane first returned.

    • Towards the end of his run, Lou (Tom Oliver) was hardly on the show, but retained main cast billing for the majority of his run, often being off-screen for months at a time, so, there is a precedent for crediting cast members who appear less frequently than others. The child actors are also hardly on the show yet they receive main cast billing as well.

      Another odd case is Joan Sydney (Valda Sheargold) who was billed as a regular for a while in the 2000s, but never appeared in the opening titles (from memory), but was always credited alongside the rest of the main cast in the closing credits (including episodes in which she did not appear).

  4. I love a good credits. Pity Channel Seven gave up years ago on credits. It’s just the performers names appearing as the show progresses or at the end credit roll. Have yet to watch ‘Between Two Worlds’ to see if it’s still the case.

    • I posted that before reading he will still be semi regular. It’s so bizarre and obvious he isn’t there most of the time I don’t see why they bother making him Sheila’s partner at all. When he does appear, sometimes once a week, you almost forget he was still on the scene.

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