The Living Room: July 31

This week on The Living Room, it’s dinner party time.

Brush off that tux and pull out that cocktail dress, because it’s time to head over to The Living Room for a dinner party you’ll never forget.

In tonight’s episode, rookie chefs Barry and Chris step up to the hotplate to create the night’s most mouth-watering meals. Crispy miso salmon and symi prawns anyone?

Meanwhile, Miguel’s off kitchen duty and into the bar as he serves up watermelon Margaritas.

Osher Gunsberg swings by for a little Guest that Gadget with a side of flamenco dancers. And Amanda’s
in charge of the sweet dish of the night, but will it be a dessert disaster?

7:30pm Friday on 10.


  1. After watching previous series of this “revamped” show, we’re done. It’s really sad to see what it has become. It was a regular Friday night ‘sit-down and enjoy show’ for this household in its previous incarnation. But it has become a self-indulgent, back-slapping waste of time. The “families’ chosen are not exactly strapped for cash. The over-the-top emotional reactions of the cast come over as fake. Then there’s silly Bee Gees impersonations; staged humour that is cringe-worthy; vapid vignettes that go nowhere, and the pretend ‘we are family’ vibe is totally unbelievable. And, forget the cast not socially distancing, what about all their interactions with the families featured? The whole premise of the show is simply silly now and its ratings demonstrate that the new format doesn’t work. I predict the axe will swing before this season ends. Bring back Gardening Australia!

  2. Seriously ? It’s no different to retail and hospitality staff working shoulder to shoulder. I don’t see staff in Maccas social distancing, do you ?

      • thedirtydigger

        Daz isn’t it really a matter of leading by example ? Viewers look up to these people ( well some of them I guess ). This show started filming right in the middle of the lockdown and has shown zero attention to social distancing. Look at the group shot above, Do they isolate from their families and live in a bubble together ? I doubt it, but Amanda’s self serving answer to David’s legitimate question says it all.

    • I asked Amanda Keller about filming and was told they had effectively been in a bubble. I was quite shocked (remembering that some of it was filmed during first lockdown). TV shows have been bending over backwards to demonstrate distancing. I don’t understand why TLR gets a free pass.

  3. thedirtydigger

    And of course no social distancing will be observed during the show , even though the whole series has been shot in the middle of a pandemic.
    These people are no different to the lunatic in Victoria who refused to talk with police at a road check.
    The law applies to everyone, even highly paid TV ” stars ” – but Ten continues to deny it has a big problem here.

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