Tom Gleeson quits The Weekly (hard)

Gold Logie winner Tom Gleeson has announced he is quitting The Weekly with Charlie Pickering.

Tonight on the show’s 100th episode he confirmed, “It’s definitely true, because Ir an out of people to Hard Chat on this show. There’s no-one left.”

He noted the influence of the segment after seeing Sophie Monk cast as The Bachelorette and Grant Denyer getting a Gold Logie.

“Without me Channel 10 would be nothing.”

He also recounted chart success for musical guests and changes in Canberra after political interviews.

“On my last episode of The Weekly, Charlie, I am so proud that over our entire time here, I’ve used the ABC to keep the Coalition in power. Scott Morrison if you’re watching, you’re welcome!

Charlie Pickering said, “Tom Gleeson, I’m very sad to see you go but I have to say what a joy it has been for 100 episodes for six years. Making this show with you, it’s been it’s been an absolute pleasure.”

But Gleeson has previously announced he was quitting Hard Quiz, only to retract the statement.


  1. Allegedly Tom needs the extra time away as he’s heading over to The U.S.A. to be Kayne West’s campaign manager for his presidential run.

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