Top 4 to battle for The Voice 2020

Singers Chris Sebastian, Johnny Manuel, Siala Robson and Stellar Perry will battle it out in The Voice Grand Final on Sunday night.

Each was chosen by their coaches Kelly Rowland, Guy Sebastian, Boy George and Delta Goodrem respectively, last night.

The winner scores $100,000 plus a recording contract with EMI Music Australia.

Eliminated acts were Mark Furze, Timothy James Bowen, Masha Mnjoyan and Jesse Teinaki.

This year’s Grand Final has already been pre-recorded due to COVID restrictions, with multiple endings. But public votes will still decide who will win in Sunday’s final. The show will include duets with Delta Goodrem, Guy Sebastian, Daryl Braithwaite and The Veronicas.

For the first time ever all four finalists have an original single that fans can download and stream on all streaming platforms ahead of the Grand Final.

Johnny Manuel: “Say It”

Chris Sebastian – Bed For 2

Siala – Soul Predator

Stellar Perry – Love Ain’t Broken

Voting: The public can vote for their favourite artists right now on – with everyone getting three votes that can be allocated to one or more of the grand finalists. Voting closes on Sunday night once all four artists have performed, so viewers can get behind their favourite right now or wait to vote for those who impress them on the night.

7pm Sunday on Nine.

Who will win The Voice 2020?

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  1. Full Harddrive

    Firstly, thanks to David for his patience yesterday replying to my confusion regarding the elimination of half the top 8 without any viewer input. Farcical. I know, covid restrictions, but there were other ways to spend more money and make it fairer and less staged. This year the producers really did get to have their outcome without the public interfering. Only being able to choose from 4 is insulting. I really feel for the talent. Hopefully 9 and EMI will ensure lots of opportunities for all.
    Secondly, Chris is entitled to be judged on his talent and not discriminated against because of who is brother is. And he’s shown he is very talented indeed.

  2. Looking forward to even more Sebastian’s next season.
    Parent’s, Cousin’s, Aunt’s, Uncle’s, in-laws.
    Why not follow Guy as he searches for long lost relative’s and when he finds them, they sing for $100k.
    All without favour of course

  3. daveinprogress

    Thanks for uploading all of these David. It was interesting to sample them all. I think Siala will win, based on their story and their individuality. I didn’t care much for any of the songs – but then I am over 150 old! Stellar’s vocal was the most powerful; but Siala has such a unique tone and more perhaps in vogue right now (see i’m old – who uses the term vogue).

    I also think Jesse should be there, and Timothy too.

    • Agreed. Amazing talent this year.

      Well done to producers for salvaging the season even though it has lacked viewer participation and live shows.

  4. How isn’t it a conflict of interest to have Guy’s brother on the show? He’s been on Idol and X Factor before as well if I remember correctly. I can’t remember how The Voice voting works, but how dodgy!

    • What an absolute crock. Chris already has a leg up in the industry thanks to his brother. He doesn’t need a record contract (or the cash prize, which makes it all the more disgraceful) as he would have an abundance of opportunities to present himself to decision-makers in the industry. I have no idea what the appearance fees are for contestants (surely there would be?) but it seems like he’s jumping from singing show to singing show for the easy dough seeing as he isn’t making money selling records.

      • To be clear The Voice has never had rules prohibiting professionals… most of the acts are at least semi-pro and experienced. Isn’t it the show where coaches choose based on vocals alone, at least in the first instance?

        • Nobody’s taking exception to there being “professionals” on the show; the issue is with the blatant nepotism on display by allowing him to compete on The Voice while his brother serves as judge, which is grossly unfair to everybody else. And I do not believe for a moment that Guy didn’t immediately recognise the sound of his own brother’s voice during his audition.

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