Voice finale finishes third in slot

Ratings: MasterChef takes out big Sunday battle, Seven wins the night.

There was a surprise outcome in the ratings last night.

MasterChef Australia was the entertainment winner at 1.15m viewers and topped the demos.

Not too far behind was Murder in the Outback (961,000) then The Voice (911,000 / 871,000 winner ann.). Nine’s final won by Chris Sebastian finished as the lowest finale on the record (2019 was 1.07m winn ann. / 1.02m). Grand Designs Revisited  drew 435,000.

Later Vera drew 597,000 then 60 Minutes (561,000), The Latest (490,000) and FBI (306,000).

Seven network won Sunday with 29.2% then Nine 27.5%, 10 22.1%, ABC 14.7% and SBS 6.5%.

Seven News was #1 with 1.34m for Seven.

Nine News (1.17m) was best for Nine with a late edition drawing 324,000.

The Sunday Project pulled 597,000 / 370,000 for 10. 10 News First was 312,000 / 255,000.

ABC News scored 747,000 for ABC. Compass was 173,000 and The Sound premiered to 117,000.

On SBS it was SBS World News (209,000) then Mont Saint-Michel: Scanning The Wonder (133,000). Supervolcano was just 77,000.

While Offsiders sees a rare multichannel win at 226,000 for ABC News, this was doubtless a live Victorian press conference.

OzTAM Overnights: Sunday 19 July 2020

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    1. Hey Maev, If you like the Loop maybe try Rage on Sunday nights (I know you’re a night owl) on ABCMe (ABC23) at about 10.15pm. They play current music similar to The Loop. Only issue is that they use a countdown format so songs can be the same for weeks.

  1. Ouch they can’t be too thrilled about that…

    The format of the finale threw me. I tuned in but saw 4 contestants still in, so thought surely it must have loads of time left because they haven’t even eliminated the fourth place yet. But of course there was 4 right up until the end and when I turned back to it Chris had already won. It kinda lacked something by not having a runner up.

  2. It makes no difference if the show was live or not, the format is getting tired.. but the main reason why it didn’t do so well this time was the fact that the winner’s brother was a judge with a large fan base, a very unfair advantage. ITV should be a shamed of this! the show is very scripted.

  3. Jo Griggs on twitter last night thank you
    “Ok, so I know I’ll no doubt get in trouble for tweeting this…. But, thank you
    @masterchefau for reminding people that reality tv can be positive, uplifting, supportive and encouraging. Love your work. So much. #mythoughtsonly #butthankyou #morethanyouwilleverknow”

    I hope the programmers take note of ratings and comments like this…bitchy tv is not what we need right now….feel good does rate.

    1. Yes. Me too. I like discovering the new artists. Even if I don’t like a particular song, that one will be over in 3 minutes. And they have the established artists as well.

  4. Poor result for the ABC ‘Countdown 2.0’ show-again, who’s the audience supposed to be? The SBS shows were at least on their 3rd repeats so results would be no great surprise.

  5. Its telling that The Voice’s winner announced was lower than the main part of the finale. They’ll probably blame Covid for ratings (not just tonight but across the whole season post-blinds), but it’s starting to look like a tiring franchise that desperately needs to innovate in order to keep fresh.

    1. Final episode should be all the grand finalists standing on a pole like Survivor. Contestants have to hold a tune and the last one remaining wins the grand prize.

  6. Apparently the AFL Derby in Perth (coded separately) was the Number 1 program ahead of Seven News in that market (4:35pm – 6:50pm WST) and went into prime time, wow! Seven News Perth aired after instead (6:50pm – 7:30pm).

    I imagine that market alone was a huge contributor to Seven’s five city shares last night.

  7. I think that not having the finale live would have had an effect. A live audience is an essential thing on a show like The Voice, so not having them makes the atmosphere not so amazing. But they did a great job finding a way to finish filming.

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