Was Kieran given more than 60 seconds for Big Brother cash?

Last night on Big Brother housemate Kieran Davidson and Sophie Budack were given 60 seconds to press a buzzer watching a screen rapidly increase the amount of cash they could win.

It was TV’s equivalent to “Beat the Bomb.”

But was it really 60 seconds?

While viewers were on the edge of their seat frantically waiting for Kieran to press the buzzer before the 60 seconds ran out, the time for viewers was actually 1 minute and 38 seconds.


This could be another BB moment where the ‘magic of television’ (aka the editing room) had a little more involvement.

TV Tonight asked host Host Sonia Kruger why it ran longer on screen?

“Because it was good television?” she teased.

“I was there, I was a witness to the fact. It was 60 seconds on the knocker. He was very close!”

The editing included shots of the housemates in the House watching it all unfold, simultaneously, on a big screen. This would have added to the time.

Kruger also said she asked Producers before the challenge how much they thought would go off, and they speculated on $10,000.

“I said, “I actually think it should go higher. I wanted to see it go up to $50,000!”

She added, “I think you will see more of those moral dilemmas in the next series. They kind of put you on the edge of your seat.”


  1. The Things I've Seen.

    I didn’t take much notice of the time, but I agree with Sonia. I thought it should’ve been higher.
    Also, I love that she has said there will be more moral dilemnas next season. Something I felt was lacking this season for the most part.
    Overall, I would love to see players forced to play harder next year. (And I don’t just mean in challenges, but in tasks and the whole game too.)

  2. carolemorrissey

    Kieran was on The Morning Show & he said he asked them how much longer he had & they told him 2 seconds. The looks of fury on Dan & Matt’s faces were quite hilarious.

  3. I never questioned that they were given longer than 60 seconds. I just figured it was stupidly over-edited like everything else on the show.

  4. What ever; he did the sensible thing and opted for the cash at hand and got out of the place. The best part for me was the stony faced reaction from a couple of the blokes left inside. I feel so sorry for them.

  5. daveinprogress

    i thought it was longer than 60 seconds! talk about dramatic license! it was always going to play out the way it did. He was entertaining – he was the first housemate in, and was quirky and distinctive.

  6. I’m really enjoying the show but lets be honest it is edited to the hilt, i wouldn’t even bat an eyelash at whether or not it was 60 seconds. It’s probably the least of the issues at hand.

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