Weather man signing off from ABC News Tasmania

Tasmanian weather presenter Simon McCulloch is signing off after 15 years with ABC News.

He began with ABC in 2005 following presenter Jaci Brown. ABC Tasmania has a long-held tradition of having a meteorologist present the weather.

Writing for ABC he noted, “When I began presenting, I was very conscious not to change the carefully crafted words of my Bureau of Meteorologist (BOM) colleagues.

“Some days they were my own words as I had written the forecast, but I was careful to stay true to the exact wording from the bureau.

“Over time, I felt more comfortable trying to explain things a bit differently.

“And as I moved into a management role at the bureau, I found presenting the work of my staff on TV each night was an excellent way of keeping tabs on their output!”

He is now looking to reduce his workload and focus more on a role with the Bureau of Meteorology.

“I am the first to acknowledge I am not a particularly polished presenter and am certainly no oil painting, but I hope I have at least brought some meteorological expertise to the weather segment.

“I love talking about the weather. You get passionate about it after being in the field for over 30 years.”

He adds, “It has been a privilege to have been the weather presenter for the last 15 years and I have enjoyed every minute.

“However, I will not miss having to wear a suit and tie (I now have more than 60 ties!) or having to wear makeup, although the nightly chat with the makeup team is a highlight.

“I am going to miss ABC staff who have become friends.

“But I am now looking forward to having some meals at home in the evening rather than reheating them.”

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