60 Minutes: Aug 16

60 Minutes cameras enter the Red Zone of the Royal Melbourne Hospital where doctors and nurses are on the frontline in the fight against COVID-19.

The Red Zone
It’s an enormous relief to know it’s there, but it’s also a place you want to do everything you can to avoid. The so-called Red Zone at the Royal Melbourne Hospital is where extraordinary battles against COVID-19 are being fought day and night. In the deadliest week of the virus so far in Australia, 60 Minutes’ cameras have been given special access to the hospital’s Coronavirus wards to show the sombre reality of a disease that for many people is still difficult to fully comprehend. Tom Steinfort’s confronting report reveals not only how dangerous COVID is, but also the incredible bravery of the doctors and nurses on the frontline of this medical war as they fight to save the lives of their patients.
Reporter: Tom Steinfort
Producers: Nick Greenaway, Steve Oemcke

Confessions of a Cop
It would be hard to find a police officer who was more dedicated to catching bad guys than Gary Jubelin. For 35 years he was the worst nightmare for crooks in New South Wales. Perversely though, his commitment to the job was so great it ended up destroying his career. Now in a retirement he really doesn’t want, the former homicide detective has some confessions to make. In Tara Brown’s revealing interview Jubelin explains the true cost of being a cop who sacrificed so much for a life of fighting crime.
Reporter: Tara Brown
Producers: Laura Sparkes, Natalie Clancy

8:50pm Sunday on Nine.

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