Airdate: Plate of Origin

Seven’s new Plate of Origin begins on Sunday week.

Described as “The World Cup of Cooking” it sees Manu Feildel joined by Matt Preston and Gary Mehigan as international food cuisines are pitted against one another.

“There’s always something to learn about food and when we learn about other cuisines, that is so exciting,” says Manu. “And, it lets me travel the world without moving from my seat.”

Matt Preston added: “A good curry will transport you to the streets of India and the perfect pasta will take you to that little Nona restaurant in the back streets of Milan.”

Welcome to the World Cup of cooking and battle ground to determine whose food is the best on the planet. French or Italian; Greek or Lebanese; Indian or Chinese; Vietnamese or Venezuelan?

Ten teams from across Australia representing some of the greatest food nations will cook from their heart and heritage, transporting you around the globe through international dishes which excite and inspire to determine which cuisine will ultimately reign supreme.

With decades of expertise running some of the world’s best restaurants, judging iconic food competitions, and critiquing thousands of dishes, Manu, Matt, and Gary will commentate, coach and referee as teams plate up mouthwatering dishes, including food our judges have never seen before.

We’ll also see a different side to these iconic judges as the long-time mates share stories of their food inspired travels, savoured dishes and must-have ingredients – each trading the odd jibe along the way.

Serving up the flavours of the world in this spicy food fight, teams will cook side by side with two countries go head-to-head in each episode, armed with long-held family recipes and the pressure of generations to do their heritage justice. Teams will put every ounce into creating dishes to impress the judges and out class their competition.

Facing off in state-of-the-art kitchen in The Arena, a foodie’s paradise of gardens, orchards and greenhouses overflowing with pristine produce, the winning team will progress immediately to the next round. The losing team will face an elimination challenge.

After the first round, five teams will be closer to realising their food dream, and five teams face an uncertain future.

At the end of the competition, only one team will be left standing – The 2020 Plate of Origin Champions – with $100,000 in prize money and the knowledge that their cuisine reigns supreme. Let the flames begin!

7pm Sunday August 30 on Seven.


  1. thedirtydigger

    This flowery over egged press release appears to have been written by an over excited 13 year old on work experience in Seven publicity.
    I’d love to know what judges have “decades of experience running the world’s best restaurants ” though I know Manu has closed a bunch of his own …and as for judging “thousands of dishes ” again this is just tosh.
    Really Seven lift your game and hold the cheese !

  2. Yay, POO has an airdate (Sorry I just wanted to use the acronym). The idea is good, similar to Family Food Fight FFF, but none of the host appeal. Hope people enjoy it, if it is their thing.

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