Airdate: Sydney’s Super Tunnel

Filmed over 5 years, this doco follows the execution of the longest railway tunnels ever built in Australia.

Tonight SBS screens Sydney’s Super Tunnel, this is a 4 part engineering series made by Rogue Creative.

This series traces the enormous engineering challenges faced by the greatest public transport infrastructure project in Australia’s history. Traffic gridlock is now a constant problem in Sydney, with the population growing by 100,000 people a year. Filmed over five years, Sydney’s Super Tunnel follows the planning and execution of the longest railway tunnels ever built in Australia, including beneath the busy Central Station and iconic Sydney Harbour, as well as an elevated sky train that stretches into the north- western suburbs.

The super tunnel team will deliver 31 metro railway stations and 66 kilometres of track. The challenge is to create the nation’s first fully automated metro system; one that will require no drivers and no timetables, along with a futuristic Mission Control that will house the brains of the new metro. To ensure its success requires expertise from around the world to open on time. Sydney’s Super Tunnel follows every stage in the construction of this world-class transport system, and we meet many of the 40,000 men and women whose job it is to make this vision a reality.

Episode One: Action Stations
The show kicks off with a dynamic taster of what the series has in store – namely the inside story of a crack team building a trailblazing, fully-automated metro system costing $50 billion, by far the biggest and most advanced new railway opening anywhere on the planet in 2019. A dramatic scene with our main characters dealing with a crisis gets the ball rolling.

8:30pm Wednesday on SBS.

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