Annabelle Stephenson guests in Home & Away

Revenge & Tidelands actress to play the wife of Detective Angelo in the Bay.

Actress Annabelle Stephenson (Revenge, H2O: Just Add Water, Tidelands) begins in Home and Away in a recurring role from tonight as Taylor Rosetta, the wife of Detective Angelo Rosetta (Luke Jacobz).

There’s only one thing that can stop this cop from finding a killer…The Cop’s Wife.

Taylor fell in love with Angelo while she was studying to become a physiotherapist. She found his passion and focus attractive, and his good looks and charm sealed the deal.

When a huge career opportunity in Summer Bay presents itself for Angelo, Taylor follows him hoping the change will allow them to heal personally.

Angelo’s focus is almost exclusively on the Ross Nixon murder case and once again she finds herself on the sideline.

Isolated and unemployed, Taylor’s vulnerable to the attention of local cop, Colby Thorne, who befriends her.

He’s one of the witnesses in her husband’s case, but over and above that, he’s charming and attentive and she finds herself opening up to him.

Just how close will they get?

Can you tell us how your role in the show came about?
After returning to Australia after a year of living in Italy my agent called me to see if I was interested in reading for an upcoming role in Home And Away. I felt refreshed after my year abroad and said, “Of course I am!”. I read for Taylor Rosetta and by the end of the week I had relocated to Sydney and started filming.

How would you describe the role of Taylor and what can the viewers expect from her?
Taylor has joined her husband, Angelo Rosetta, in Summer Bay to set up a new life out of the city while Angelo works on the investigation of Ross Nixon. She is new to the Bay so doesn’t know anyone there and, with a marriage on the rocks, is feeling somewhat vulnerable in her new surroundings. However, Taylor is a friendly and fiercely independent woman so the viewers can expect to see her befriend some locals and with the special attention from Colby Thorne, Taylor finds herself becoming more comfortable in Summer Bay.

How would you describe Angelo and Taylor’s relationship – why is it going through so many issues at the moment?
Angelo and Taylor’s relationship has been on the rocks for a while now. Angelo’s dedication to his career as detective means his time is spent focusing on solving each case, instead on Taylor. His obsession with proving himself in the force has left Taylor feeling unappreciated in the relationship. Taylor has tried everything to save their marriage and the move to Summer Bay is her last hope to salvage what they have left.

7pm tonight on Seven.

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