Axed: Altered Carbon

Netflix sci-fi series is cancelled after two seasons.

Netflix sci-fi series Altered Carbon has been cancelled after two seasons.

The series was based on the novel of the same name by Richard K. Morgan and followed the adventures of interstellar warrior Takeshi Kovacs, who was played by Joel Kinnaman in Season 1 and by Anthony Mackie in Season 2.

The second season of the sci-fi series aired back in February, while the first season aired in 2018.

Variety speculates the decision to cancel the show was made due to cost versus viewership.

Season 2 which debuted in February also starred Renée Elise Goldsberry, Lela Loren, Simone Missick, Chris Conner, Dina Shihabi and Torben Liebrecht along with Mackie.

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  1. If Joel Kinnaman was kept in the main role and the story was allowed to evolve from season one Altered Carbon may have had a chance of becoming an improved season two.
    Having said that I suspect Altered Carbon was really only suitable as a TV movie even though Netflix initially must have had higher hopes for it as a multi-season series.

  2. S1 for me was not great, but somewhat trashy, visually spectacular fun. But S2 was an absolute disaster. The budget was clearly much lower. The sleazy neonoir became boring generic scifi. Where the worldbuilding of S1 was great, S2 felt minuscule. Anthony Mackie’s portrayal of Kovich was *nothing *like Joel Kinnemans.

  3. I watched some of S1, but have completely forgotten about it and whatever it was about. So hardly gripping stuff.On a different note, nice to see a new season (S5) of Lucifer on nflix

  4. Fairly typical for Netflix, they make TV to what their algorithm says their audience wants, then cancel them after 2-3 seasons as soon as the audience starts to move on to the next shiny thing.

  5. S1 was great, I think I got 3 or 4 episodes into S2 and gave up. Kept wanting to fast forward!
    Netflix probably need to reassess balance of offerings for mini series and long form series…

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