Ellen replays are still on Nine (just)

Replays still have an overnight slot while Nine awaits clarity from the US.

There’s been a lot of clickbait lately around whether Nine supposedly “axing” The Ellen DeGeneres Show due to ongoing headlines.

Earlier this week Nine did begin screening Desperate Housewives in the midday slot (it had been playing these on 9Now). It had been playing Ellen replays otherwise.

As Programming Director Hamish Turner recently told TV Tonight, Nine is awaiting clarity from the US around the next season… what form it takes, when it starts and the rates therein.

Meanwhile replay episodes remain in an overnight slot: 4am in the morning.

Join Ellen DeGeneres for more laughter, unparalleled generosity, and a daily dose of happy, coupled with a star-studded roster of guests. Today Ellen interviews Kendall Jenner.

Ellen also still screens in Australia on FOX Arena.

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  1. I guess the question to be asked is the show itself worth renewing let alone 9 showing it on a daily basis , i don’t know what the ratings are for the usual midday show but they wouldn’t be that great.

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