Emergency makes international sales

New Nine observational series Emergency has been sold to the new international channels.

The WTFN-produced series premieres next week on UK-based Really channel, while distributor Fred Media has also sold it to TV4 Sweden, Mediaworks’ Three in New Zealand, RTL Netherlands, and RTB in Brunei, with more deals pending in Europe and North America.

Adrian Swift, Nine’s head of content, production and development says: “Emergency has been the Australian factual hit of 2020. The show has brought the real lives of the frontline doctors and nurses in to our loungerooms, and audiences have loved what they’ve seen. Emergency more than doubled the previous slot average and achieved a FTA primary commercial channel share of 42.2% in total people and 33.5% share of 16-39s. It has won its time slot against Big Brother and Bachelor in Paradise on rival networks. Emergency is factual programming at its best: raw, authentic stories beautifully told.”

Roger Vanderspikken, Fred Media’s COO adds: “With its combination of excellent ratings, unprecedented behind-the-scenes access, and a filming and narrative style that has much in common with scripted medical shows, Emergency is attracting a lot of interest from broadcasters keen to see new takes on ‘flashing light’ shows. The COVID-19 pandemic has heightened global fascination for the work of people on the frontline in hospitals and the continued challenges they face while often putting their own lives at risk. We are excited to see the response from UK audiences and will watch with interest as the series rolls out in Sweden, New Zealand, the Netherlands and Brunei, as well as those other territories close to finalising deals.”

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  1. Wasn’t this show meant to be filmed at the Alfred as well? The show itself is quite interesting, but I find that most of the doctors are lacking in personality.

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